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Delfina Correia - Developing the Leader Within You – Part 13

26.09.2022 - Your capacity to grow will determine your capacity to lead. Without personal growth, your and my leadership will never expand and progress. That’s just the way it works. Personal growth is so vital in your leadership journey, and I want to encourage you with some of the benefits you can enjoy in life and in leadership if you stay in the growth game.

Delfina Correia - Developing the Leader Within You – Part 12

19.09.2022 - Ever wondered how you can get to the top? Leadership is an uphill climb. Now, that might sound a bit heavy, but it doesn’t have to be. With self-discipline, intentionality, and consistency you can push through the discomfort of change and successfully make the uphill climb to the top.

Delfina Correia - Developing the Leader Within You – Part 11

12.09.2022 - The indispensable quality of leadership is vision. Without vision, we aren’t leading our people anywhere. We must take ownership of our vision because our vision is the thing that pulls us in a forward direction. And in order for us as leaders to grow and increase our vision, we need to see more and before others do. How do you do that? I’ll show you how here.

Delfina Correia - Developing the Leader Within You – Part 10

05.09.2022 - If you help people get what they want, they will help you get what you want. And amongst leaders there needs to be a change of heart because the heart of true leadership is serving people. Servant leaders always rise to the top. They have very specific attitudes towards their role as a leader and towards their people. If you want to rise to the top in your leadership journey, find out what those attitudes are here.

Delfina Correia - Developing the Leader Within You – Part 8

22.08.2022 - If you want to be ahead of the game in your leadership journey, you need that extra edge – attitude! A leader’s attitude, which says, “Whatever it takes …” But what is “whatever”? Here are a few “whatever” leadership attitudes that will give you that edge and will cause you to stand out as an effective leader.

Delfina Correia - Developing the Leader Within You – Part 7

15.08.2022 - In continuing from Part 6, where I spoke about the tough part in dealing with leadership problems, we now move to the good part, which is this: problems introduce us to opportunities. Here I’ll show you how to view your problems as opportunities and thereby capitalize on them. Change them from stumbling blocks to steppingstones.

Delfina Correia - Developing the Leader Within You – Part 6

08.08.2022 - The quickest way to gain leadership is by solving problems. And the tough part about dealing with these problems is that they bring along with them some reality checks – like discovering what we are really made of and discovering what other people are really made of. In this part I’ll show you how to deal with whatever you discover about yourself and others while navigating successfully towards solutions.

Delfina Correia - Developing the Leader Within You – Part 3

18.07.2022 - Creating margin in your life is crucial to prioritising, especially if you are a leader. Margin gives you creativity and dream time. But what exactly is margin? Join me as I define margin and show you how you can create it in your life so you will be more successful in your personal life and more effective as a leader.

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