Afternoon Drive

Afternoon Drive takes you home with a smile on your dial and hope in your heart. Hulle aktiveer hoop, laat die wiele blits, op die ritme van die Top 5 om 5.
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Afternoon Drive - How important was it to be registered

04.12.2023 - Jenna Adams, our attorney, explains to us the importance of being registered to vote especially the importance for young people to vote in the 2024 elections. Jenna explains why many young people feel as if their vote won't make a difference in the current state of SA.
4 Dec 2023 13 min

Afternoon Drive - Jenna Adams from Adams & Associates

20.10.2023 - Jenna Adams runs a successful law firm with deals with various legal matters. In this interview, she gives us a better understanding of what her law firm does and how they help the community. She also provides us with some inside knowledge regarding the Law industry.
20 Oct 2023 13 min
1 – 20