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IPC talks about lack of change in Swakopmund ahead of by-election

With the Swakopmund constituency by-election slated for Friday, all political parties are currently busy campaigning and promising sweeping changes. The Independent Patriots for Change has had power for more than a year, but not much has been done. According to Brian Black, the national chairman of the IPC, the party has been focusing mainly on rooting out corruption within the party and ironing out several issues. Black said they are working for a better Namibia because the government is failing to deliver. Black deals with the issues with In the Newsroom

Meatco's boss chats about that loan, the debt and new markets

Agriculture in Namibia has had its shares of highs and lows - with more lows than highs - in the past few years. This is has lead to a downstream effect on especially Meatco, which has just recently secured a 200 million Namibian dollar loan facility from the Development Bank of Namibia. Money is also owed to producers but, according to Meatco's CEO Mwilima Mushokabanji, the funds will be used to enhance sustainability and the development of new markets for the entire industry... he chats to In the Newsroom...

Here's the story of Gummy Bear - the pony with the red vellies

The story behind the therapy pony Gummy Bear is even more beautiful than his red vellies that were bought for him at Leather Connection. The vellies will help Gummy Bear on his trips while visiting children, cancer patients, people in rehab, hospitals and the elderly. The owner of Gummy Bear, Vesta Burmeister, tells this story of hope to In The Newsroom.

Some clauses in Lotteries Act of Namibia not clear

The Lotteries Act of Namibia is an act in place under the Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism, that regulates lottery competitions in the country. Under the act there are a number of clauses that are not quite clear to members of the public. According to the act, the minimum value for the purpose of excluding a competition from being a promotional competition is 5 Namibian dollar. A lawyer from Richard Metcalfe Beukes Attorneys, Mercy Kent spoke to In The Newsroom.

Stock theft in the south - police not really motivated

Farmers in the south of Namibia have expressed alarm at the rate of stock theft in their area. The scourge, they say, is being compounded by “ineffective policing”, which they claim has led to a low conviction rate. Christiaan Swartbooi the farmers' association representative in the south of Namibia, who also serves on the livestock-theft committee, says to date they have been working with members of the police in the south to combat stock theft but sometimes members of the force aren't motivated enough to do their job and cooperation remains a challenge. Christiaan, verduidelik vir ons presies waar die uitdagings lê...

Namibia has no leadership, it's on autopilot

President Hage Geingob is accused of marketing Namibia instead of fixing what's wrong at home. Policies are not in place and most certainly not for investment, but Geingob behaves as a roaming ambassador instead of delivering decisive leadership. This is according to the Independent Patriots for Change's national chairman Brian Black. He adds that the civil service is bloated but, that the needs of these workers need to be attended to. For this, leadership is needed.

Local platform for whistleblowers not still needs work

The Platform Whistleblowers in Namibia is not well established yet and the Namibia Institute for Democracy in collaboration with the Institute for Public Policy Research are working around the clock to make sure that the platform is created and safe for whistleblowers. The Namibia Institute for Democracy's project coordinator, Ndilimeke Auala spoke to In The Newsroom.

Delays in parly are the fault of the executives not the MPs

Parliament will be in recess until 6 September. The House debated five bills and 27 notices of questions were tabled, of which 22 lapsed and five were dealt with. Additionally, 15 motions as well as several committee reports were also dealt with. Speaking to In The Newsroom, Graham Hopwood, Director of IPPR, said you can't really blame the members of parliament, but the executives ...

Suicide rates: We need to raise our men better

The Khomas Suicide Prevention Task Force was established in September last year by the Namibian Ministry of Health. The deputy minister of health, Dr Esther Muinjangue, said recent statistics show that 679 people died by suicide between January 2021 and May 2022. A total of 559 are men, while 91 are women who ended their lives. During the same period 18 boys and 11 girls died of suicide. Ngamane Karuaihe-Upi, a relationship consultant spoke to In The Newsroom.

Analyst chats about the risks of political coalitions

With the 2024 elections around the corner Dr Phanuel Kaapama, a local political commentator say we are currently seeing party members taking advantage of the current structures to campaign and score political points. He also touches on the issue of coalitions in Namibia stating that in other countries coalitions can have great success, this is not the case in Namibia - with Windhoek and Okahandja a case in point.

The shadow of Phala Phala stalks the Namibian Presidency

The shadow of Namibian involvement in die Phala Phala robbery stalks the Presidency. In the latest news, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa's head of security Wally Rhoode told the public prosecutor that President Hage Geingob sent a helicopter to no-man's land on the border with South Africa to collect him and Ramaphosa's advisor. But, the Presidency has continued to deny any involvement whatsoever... In the Newsroom speaks to Frederico Links, researcher at the Institute of Public Policy Research, about what appears to be becoming a can of worms

Baby dumping in Namibia and the role of the church

According to statistics from the Namibian police, a total of 237 babies were thrown away in the country from 2016 to May this year. For the year 2021, the police reported 32 baby dumping cases, while a total of 20 babies were dumped from January to May 2022. The Secretary General of the Namibian Council of Churches, Ludwig Beukes spoke to In the Newsroom about the role of the church in combating this social disease.

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