Radio Days Africa RDA2020 #thenewnormal

RDA2020 #thenewnormal

Starting on 6 July 2020, Radio Days Africa will host 20 engaging sessions over 20 days. From interactive chats, panel discussions, master classes and individual presentations, #RDA2020 aims to promote sector wide learning and keep the radio industry talking (to and about each other).
Once-off English South Africa Education · Technology
20 Episodes

Improvise and Innovate – Radio Post 2020 #RDA2020

Who is innovating? What does radio mean post Covid-19? Are we adapting quickly enough? Can we compete with the next Tik Tok, and do we have to? The final session of Radio Days Africa 2020 is a canvas of ideas and a platform to speak about the future of our…
31 Jul 2020 1 hr 06 min

Snakes and Ladders, the State of Community Radio in South Africa #RDA2020

As a vital contributor to the media landscape in South Africa, community radio is often regarded as the underdog. Is the sector undervalued and underrated and why are community radio stations perceived as the poor cousin of the industry? This panel discussion will look at the sector from different perspectives…
30 Jul 2020 58 min

Hello, Is There Anyone Out There? #RDA2020

The world-wide Covid-19 pandemic has had a dramatic effect on media consumption in 2020. What has happened to radio listenership in South Africa and globally and how do audiences perceive their radio brands?
29 Jul 2020 1 hr 01 min

Newsrooms in Africa #RDA2020

What do Newsroom in Africa look like currently and what are their challenges? This panel discussion will examine the state of newsrooms, journalists on the ground and the quality of coverage especially in the radio environment. As a continent of extended geography and a variety of socio-political and economic challenges…
28 Jul 2020 58 min

Gifted #RDA2020

Creative, Outspoken and Upwardly mobile radio practitioners will ensure the future of the industry. This panel discussion speaks to young practitioners who are and have been crafting their skills and making a mark in the South African radio industry.
24 Jul 2020 1 hour

The SABC - Project Turnaround #RDA2020

With more than 60% of South African radio audiences, the SABC holds a lion share of the market. Having gone through a tough five years, several senior managers and board members, the organisation is slowly turning the tide on mismanagement and political interference. In this session we get an update…
23 Jul 2020 1 hour

Drop the Treble, Pump Up the Base #RDA2020

Production is the glue that keeps the audio on a station together. In this session, two expert Producers will share their” treatment” of imaging, voice, and elements. They will also share insights and creative inputs into the imaging process. What will the final product sound like, tune into this session
22 Jul 2020 1 hr 09 min

BBC News Sessions #RDA2020

Covid-19 is a once in a career event and pandemic. From the hard facts, the humanitarian crisis, economic impact and social discourse, a broadcaster needs to be connected to the crisis. How did the BBC deal with the initial onset of the Corona Virus and how is the BBC’s news…
20 Jul 2020 1 hr 01 min

Old Guard Meets the New Guard #RDA2020

Inducted into the SA Radio Awards Hall of Fame in 2020 these legends and stalwarts on South Africa radio will be interviewed by the next generation of media professionals.
17 Jul 2020 57 min

Are We Fact? #RDA2020

The Fast and Furious isn’t just the title of a movie, it is also a representation of the way news and information moves in the digital age. When does a Newsroom pull the plug on a story or push through? What are the trends in Africa when it comes to…
16 Jul 2020 1 hour

On-Line & On-Demand, Podcasts for Africa! #RDA2020

There can be no doubt that digital, data and downloads have a place in audio entertainment. As a continent of story tellers, Africa is well positioned to harness the power of podcasting. What is the status quo, where are the opportunities, who are winning in this space?
15 Jul 2020 1 hr 02 min

Rules, Regulations or Red Tape #RDA2020

A well-regulated and defined sector allows for healthy competition, community service, value for advertisers and variety for audiences. Are the South African airwaves a level playing field and are the three sectors in the radio space enjoying enough support in terms of assistance and effective administration to serve the citizens…
14 Jul 2020 1 hour

Top Promotions from Across the Globe #RDA2020

Multi-platform promotions with a strong on-air element are essential tools for radio stations to remain relevant in an entertainment economy. Back by popular demand, Niall Power (Beat 102 - 103 Presenter and Producer) shares ten well-planned and executed promotions that created energy, excitement and great on-air talkability.
13 Jul 2020 1 hour

Creative Council #RDA2020

Changing landscapes, consumers, budgets, and delivery platforms continue to put traditional radio under pressure. The need to captivate audiences has moved radio stations and brands to challenge traditional airtime norms, to break through the clutter. The Creative Council will share examples of local campaigns and insight into redefining the creative…
10 Jul 2020 59 min

Ask the Programme Manager #RDA2020

An open forum for young professionals looking to break into the industry to ask questions and seek advise from three top programme managers.
9 Jul 2020 57 min

Local Voices - Community Radio In Africa #RDA2020

Africa is a continent that thrives with hubs of local communities that inform and support each other. The flow of information and news is key to ensuring these communities form part of the global community. The “Local Voices – Community Radio in Africa” session will look at insight from the…
8 Jul 2020 1 hour

I Know Corona #RDA2020

With the worldwide onset of Covid-19 a group of radio practitioners began to connect on Facebook to share ideas and programming tips around the pandemic. With close to 3000 members, the “Corona Virus Radio Ideas” group, is a powerful platform for sharing and creating around a common theme. Join this…
7 Jul 2020 1 hr 01 min

The Opening Panel #RDA2020

Opening Panel: Has 2020 proved that radio is as tenacious and robust as the industry has touted in recent years? Is the South African landscape equally positioned and are communities being adequately served across the continent? The opening panel of Radio Days Africa will share thoughts and ideas about radio…
6 Jul 2020 1 hr 29 min