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Elma Pollard is the editor of the Green Times. The Green Times is a social enterprise focused on climate change and other environmental news with a particular focus on creative and constructive solutions. Every Wednesday morning, Elma directs our thinking to ensure we understand the urgency of effective stewardship, and she tells us how to maximize our combined efforts.

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Elma Pollard - 5 Aug 2020 - NGOs Welcome the Reopening of Nature-based Tourism

Under Lockdown Level 3, many sectors have been allowed to trade or operate to some degree, however, the tourism and leisure sectors have remained closed for months, impacting on thousands of jobs and with concomitant impacts on the fiscus and the wellbeing of millions of South Africans. Reopening local tourism may not contribute to securing employment for many, and to securing livelihoods in the most vulnerable households and regions.
Elma shares this good news and what it can mean for us as the public who can now enjoy the beauty within our provinces...

Elma Pollard - 29 July 2020 - Solar Training Moves Online

Shifting solar training to be facilitated digitally was always on the cards. The current pandemic has however made this a reality.
Elma shares on the way forward for those you want to employ and be employed in the area of renewable energy. SME's remain the way forward for SA.

Elma Pollard - 22 July 2020 - Hand Sanitizers

Do you know the difference between sanitizing and disinfecting? Do you know what is in the hand sanitizers that you are being exposed to on a daily basis? Are their better alternatives that will do less harm to your skin? Lots of questions on this, and also all the answers you need, thanks to another top article by Elma Pollard and her team at The Green TImes.

Elma Pollard - 15 July 2020

Elma takes us through one of their headline stories at The Green Times: "Let’s raise our voices and demand a just recovery for all"

In July, the people that control the budgets of the world’s 20 richest countries – Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors – will meet to discuss how they will spend public money.

In the midst of a global health pandemic, where people have lost so much, will they opt for a ‘business as usual recovery’ and bail out industries that drive climate crisis and inequality – or will they spend money on what people need and want?

Elma Pollard - 1 July 2020

Elma shares on this powerful new story, featured on their Facebook page:
"Why Even the Smallest Personal Actions Make a Difference in the Climate Fight"

Elma Pollard - 1 July 2020

PET bottle recycling benefits the environment while creating income:

Despite global market contractions, and now the rolling economic impact of Covid-19, South Africa’s PET plastic recycling value chain has kept its wheels turning, delivering another positive annual recycling rate while creating thousands of jobs for informal reclaimers who returned to work under level three of the national lockdown.

Elma shares more...

Elma Pollard - 24 June 2020

Kenyan tea farmers switching to renewable energy:

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting many Kenyan communities, which depend on the tea sector, as the tea sector’s output and demand in tea is falling. However, an innovative Kenyan project running three years is continuing to create thousands of healthier homes, supporting small and medium-sized enterprises, while reducing the demand for firewood which helps reduce deforestation.

Elma Pollard - 17 June 2020

With the 11th of June celebrated as LINX DAY, Elma chats with Brad about the protecting of large carnivores like lynx and their habitats being a key element of WWF’s New Deal for Nature and People, whose goal is to halt and reverse biodiversity and habitat loss by 2030.

After several decades of low numbers, the return of the lynx to the European forests is slow but steady.

Listen for more on this...

Elma Pollard - 10 June 2020

This week is celebrated as World Oceans Week across the world to remind the people about the importance of the role played by oceans in the lives of human beings.

The day is celebrated by United Nations to highlight the role of the oceans in everyday life and inspires action to protect the ocean and sustainably use marine resources.

Elma tells us more...

Elma Pollard - 3 June 2020

World Environment Day calls for an end to nature’s destruction.
Read more at:

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