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Elma Pollard is the editor of the Green Times. The Green Times is a social enterprise focused on climate change and other environmental news with a particular focus on creative and constructive solutions. Every Wednesday morning, Elma directs our thinking to ensure we understand the urgency of effective stewardship, and she tells us how to maximize our combined efforts.

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Elma Pollard - 29 Sep 2021 - When will Africa embrace ecological agriculture?

As COVID-19 threatens farming communities across Africa already struggling with climate change, the continent is at a crossroads. Will its people and their governments continue trying to replicate industrial farming models promoted by developed countries? Or will they move boldly into the uncertain future, embracing ecological agriculture?

Elma Pollard - 22 Sep 2021 - Upcycling

Elma takes us through the joy and practical application of 'upcycling' things in our homes. From how we can turn an unwanted clothing item into something we want to wear again, to ways of minimising plastic use in the kitchen, by upcycling something from your clothes or linen cupboard!

Elma Pollard - 11 Aug 2021 - Women in Lephalale tell of the harsh reality of living next to Medupi

While news of the ‘completion’ of the Medupi power station has been met with both celebration and scepticism, women in Lephalale (in Limpopo) and surrounds, however, are filled with dread of having a pollution-intensive coal-fired power station in their backyard and running at full capacity. In addition to the obvious carbon emissions, Medupi will also emit other dangerous and life-threatening pollutants common for coal-fired plants – including sulphur dioxide, greenhouse gases, nitrogen oxides (NOx), to name a few – into the air.

Elma Pollard - 4 Aug 2021 - African Youth Unifying For Ocean Protection

In the first-ever virtual event of its kind on the continent, a youth driven marine group called Youth4MPAs in partnership with WILDOCEANS, and supported by World Surf League PURE, The Pew Charitable Trusts and Oceans 5 has launched an African Youth Summit focusing on unifying youth across Africa, engaging with global marine experts and amplifying their young voices to advocate for protection of its oceans.

Elma Pollard - 28 July 2021 - Tissue Donations

Tissue donation refers to the generous donation of human tissue, which includes bone and other products created from human tissue, bestowed after death.

According to Bone SA, a registered non-profit organisation concerned with tissue products for medical use, one tissue donation can save or improve the lives of more than 65 people.

Elma also shares her own powerful story!

Elma Pollard - 23 June 2021 - Restoring Our Ecosystems One Change at a Time

Life on earth is symbiotic; each component within the ecosystem plays a significant role. The decline of the bee population and its effect on food systems is a timely reminder of just how interconnected everything really is.

However, as urbanization, intensive farming and resource extraction increases, so we are witnessing the fragmentation of the environment even further. Our ecosystems are under pressure and this pressure will impact every living being on our planet, making this a perfect time to reflect on how and why we need to restore our ecosystems.

Elma Pollard - 16 June 2021 - Environmental Rights and Remedies Course Seeks Nominations

The Centre for Environmental Rights (CER)’s annual Environmental Rights and Remedies Course for environmental justice activists is a key component of CER’s activist support and training work.

Developed from demand from otheir community partners for rights training and building on existing initiatives like groundWork’s Environmental Justice School, the Rights & Remedies Course empowers participants from rural and urban areas who bear the environmental and socio-economic brunt of polluting industries operating close to their homes and places of work.

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