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Elma Pollard is the editor of the Green Times. The Green Times is a social enterprise focused on climate change and other environmental news with a particular focus on creative and constructive solutions. Every Wednesday morning, Elma directs our thinking to ensure we understand the urgency of effective stewardship, and she tells us how to maximize our combined efforts.

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Elma Pollard - 18 Nov - Major climate impacts destroy another coal power plant

Last week, environmental justice groups Earthlife Africa and groundWork, who have been challenging the Thabametsi power station in court since 2016, secured agreement from both Thabametsi and the state for the environmental authorisation issued for this power plant by the Department of Environment to be set aside. The first environmental authorisation for this plant was set aside by the Pretoria High Court in 2017 in South Africa’s first climate change court case.

Elma tells more on what she labels a good news story of HOPE that highlights the power of taking a stand...

Elma Pollard - 11 Nov - Global Coalition Demands Cage-Free Eggs

Today, the Southern African Faith Communities’ Environment Institute (SAFCEI) joins a large-scale global cage-free campaign launched against Restaurant Brands International (RBI).

The campaign – led by a coalition of more than eighty (80) influential animal protection non-profit organizations worldwide – urges the company to source 100% cage-free eggs throughout their supply chains.

Elma shares more...

Elma Pollard - 4 Nov - A Just Covid Recovery

For many climate justice advocates, the trajectory of the Covid-19 pandemic is unsurprising, as it mirrors the very systems and structures that underpin the climate crisis. But how do we recover from this, in a just way, that benefits ALL? Elma shares more...

Elma Pollard - 28 Oct - Biodegradable Plastics

“Bioplastics” is a term that frequently arises in the media and public domain, and is often touted as the answer to the plastic pollution problem.

Unfortunately, the term is often incorrectly used to describe a few different concepts, which can create a lot of confusion in the marketplace.

Elma shares more on this...

Elma Pollard - 14 Oct - Durban to drop fossil fuels from its investments

Elma shares one of their headline stories again this week and we look at the latest developments coming from eThekwini - No more investments in fossil fuels, and the move to invest only in renewable energy. We've heard the same from the City of Cape Town before but no results have yet been noted. Elma explores the facts, shares the positive news and is realistic about the concerns.

Elma Pollard - 7 Oct - Training for Recycle Entrepreneurs

Around 300 youth aged 18-35 in the Gauteng townships of Eersterust and Mamelodi are undergoing waste management training in a move aimed at creating greater awareness and employment opportunities in the recycling sector.
These are exciting times. Elma shares more...

Elma Pollard - 30 Sep 2020 - Act Now For Our Oceans

The powerful headline: 'We Don't Need Our Oceans', was run by the Ocean Impact Campaign underwriting a 3-year project driving advanced protection of South Africa’s oceans within Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). We currently only protect 5% of the oceans around South Africa within MPAs.
Elma reminds us of the gift that the Oceans are to us, what needs to be done and how we can do our part, no matter how small.

Elma Pollard - 23 Sep 2020 - The Importance Of Seed Swapping

Seeds are one of the most remarkable miracles, where life bursts forth from the tiniest dormant organism. Humans have spent generations caring, saving and sharing seeds to ensure that there is enough diversity for both themselves and the natural world on which they depend.

Elma shares more on this headline story...

Elma Pollard - 9 Sep 2020 - Being More Energy Efficient

This latest round of load shedding comes as ten generation units at seven power stations have suffered breakdowns in the last 48 hours.
These power interruptions are inconvenient, but they come at a massive cost to the economy. The only way for us to get through this all in the long term is to start being more energy efficient. The change around the world has already seem incredible is the time to act!

Elma Pollard - 19 Aug 2020 - Eco-Logic Awards 2020

The 9th annual Eco-Logic Awards hosted by the Enviropaedia, will present its first ever virtual event on 21 September, which is also International Day of Peace.
The awards highlight the eco-logically beneficial products, services and people who are taking effective action to protect and preserve our environment.

This week, Elma shares on the purpose of the Awards and we start to look at some of the individual finalists and what they did to get this acknowledgment.

Elma Pollard - 12 Aug 2020 - Ecocide May Become a Crime

The Belgian Ecolo-Groen (Eco-Green) parties have been quick to seize the moment to propose establishing the crime of ‘Ecocide” in Belgium and in the wider international community, following French president Emmanuel Macron’s recent statement in support of a crime of ecocide.

Proposals are being forwarded to the International Criminal Court, and the Pope and a number of world leaders are making their voices heard.

Elma shares more...

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