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Andre Schwartz - Ek Haal Asem ONDERHOUD - 23 Julie 2021

Te midde van talle gesondheidstruikelblokke, insluitende ‘n uitdagendestryd met Covid-19,verwoord hy in sy nuwe enkelsnit, Ek Haal Asem,sy waardering vir hier die lewegewende asem op die mooiste manier waarop hy kan – deur sang. Liomee het met Andre op ONTBYT gesels...

Ross van Niekerk - LetsGrow - 22 Julie 2021

LetsGrow is 'n inisiatief wat praktiese en insiggewinde maniere bied om mense te help om meer gelukkig en in vreedsaam te lewe. Die LetsGrow aanlyn kursesse fokus op gemeenskapbou, God, jou naastes, jou werk en ook jouself.
Ross van Niekerk is die senior Pastoor by Shofar Durbanville en hy vertel jou meer...

Professor Renate Schoeman INTERVIEW - 15 July 2021

Long Covid: Returning to work with brain fog and fatigue poses a challenge for employers:

Struggling to find familiar words, their memories and thinking fuzzy, losing their train of thought mid-conversation, gasping for breath and battling constant, intense tiredness – for Covid-19 “long haulers” this is reality for weeks, even months, after contracting and seemingly recovering from the disease.
Prof Schoeman shares more...

Pastor Olu George INTERVIEW - Stress Less - 9 July 2021

STRESS LESS by Lou George - Book Interview
This book is possibly one of the most important books you will ever read.
Imagine, for a moment, living without fear, worry, anxiety, inferiority, shame or regret. Especially in these unprecedented times that we live in. Imagine a life of supernatural peace, unspeakable joy and vibrant hope no matter what you may be going through. Stop! You don’t have to just imagine it, you can actually live it.

James Matshubeng INTERVIEW - 8 July 2021

Entrepreneurs have suffered like many citizens during the Pandemic, but sometimes even more. Many of them have battled to find alternative solutions to keep their business operations going with many forced to close their doors due to the debilitating trading conditions brought about by the on-going lockdowns and curfews that sometime mean it can’t be business as usual.

For others, however, this crisis has presented an opportunity to pivot their operations accordingly to keep their doors open. Among them is James Matshubeng, managing director of Matoto Technologies, an ICT Consultancy firm. He chatted to Brad on Breakfast...

Enrique Hermanus - Wednesday Word for the Week (1) - 7 July 2021

Being born again is just the beginning. We have much to be concerned about, there is a LOT to be grateful for. There is much to cling to that is good, and now that you you've been born again, it's the time to surrender and make yourself available to be used by God to change the world.

Dr David Brühlmann INTERVIEW - Single for a Season - 25 June 2021

David shares a fantastic view on being single and the pressures that single adults face in a world with pre-conceived ideas of how age and relationship status ought to look. His new book shares fantastic ideas of practical tips and identity rescuing thinking that allows you to just be who you are, and not what you think you ought to be.

Michael Swain INTERVIEW - PEPUDA Amendment Bill - 24 June 2021

The PEPUDA Amendment bill is considered the greatest threat to our religious freedom since the dawn of our democracy and it is on our doorstep. We need to have our democratic say as part of the public comments. Despite earlier concerns over the logistics of the process, it is back up and running. Michael clarifies what PEPUDA is and how as the public, you can make your comments.

Robbie Wessels Onderhoud - 18 June 2021

Met ’n splinternuwe album, Die Sluise van die Hemel, slaag Robbie Wessels weereens daarin om aanhangers te laat glimlag met sy humoristiese aanslag en voed hy ook die dieper denkers met liedjies wat elkeen ’n storie vertel. Dié album bevat 12 enkelsnitte, elkeen vanuit Robbie se eie pen, wat aanhangers oor en oor sal wil luister. Drie van dié liedjies spog reeds met musiekvideo’s wat altesaam bykans 10 miljoen kere op YouTube geniet is – weereens net ’n bewys dat Robbie sy aanhangers se behoeftes verstaan en elke keer in die kol is wanneer hy ’n liedjie of musiekvideo vrystel

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