Cape Pulpit 729AM Get Up & Go Breakfast - Lifestyle Women - Zantie Swanpoel

Get Up & Go Breakfast - Lifestyle Women - Zantie Swanpoel

Zantie deel elke Woensdag oggend iets spesiaal wat God op haar hart geplaas het, en vertel ook een van haar kragstories
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Zantie Swanpoel - Giving and Getting

Learn to give. Love has nothing to do with what you get, but with what you give. Find true joy by giving to someone else. Giving of course, is more than just money.
15 Nov 10 min

Zantie Swanpoel - Just Keep Playing

As dinge sleg gaan, het ons net 'n klein bietjie om te gee. Ons voel moeg en leeg. God kan, en wil iets wonderliks met jou 'klein bietjie' doen. Hou net aan speel.
1 Nov 12 min

Zantie Swanpoel - You Have Value

We depreciate our own value! We do this whenever we rely on people's reactions to our social media posts. God reminds us of our value - He says "Just look at the Cross"
18 Oct 13 min

Zantie Swanpoel - Letting them Go

Having to deal with letting your kids go - to school, varsity and even overseas- is incredibly difficult. Zantie reminds us that letting go is only really possible when you can know they are in God's hands.
4 Oct 13 min

Zantie Swanpoel - Not My Rock

We are called to carry each other's burdens, but in support of each other, not taking it all on ourselves. We share, like in real community, or we will burn out. We can't slave while others do all the work!
13 Sep 12 min

Zantie Swanpoel - Is Jou Vreugde Gesteel?

Die vyand gebruik die dinge om ons soos die nuus, en hoe ander ons hanteer, om ons vreugde te steel, en dan verloor ons ons sterkte, ons vertroue en ons raak swak.
6 Sep 10 min

Zantie Swanpoel - What Really Matters?

The enemy often distracts us from the things that really matter. So what really matters and has eternal value? We need to discern what those things are and act on those things.
23 Aug 11 min

Zantie Swanpoel - Jy Is Nie Perfek Nie, So Wat Nou?

Wanneer dinge nie goed gaan nie, is dit eintlik 'n geleentheid om nader aan God te kom. Ons voel dikwels dat God net perfekte mense soek om vir Hom iets van waarde te doen. En as jy nie perfek is nie, wat dan?
2 Aug 11 min

Zantie Swanpoel - Build Others Up

If someone else does better than you, you shouldn't feel inferior.. You should celebrate the successes of others and speak life over them. You need to celebrate how well they've done!
26 Jul 10 min

Zantie Swanpoel - Assumptions Kill Happiness

How often do you think someone is talking about you, laughing at you, or saying something behind your back and late find out that nothing like that was ever happening? Don't assume things. The enemy uses these tactics to kill your joy. Be aware!
19 Jul 10 min
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