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#EntrepreneursAsk is an opportunity to ask your most burning, difficult questions to Allon and other experts here at Raizcorp. The answers you can expect - straight talk and experience backed insights.
Monthly English Explicit South Africa Business · Education
4 Episodes

Q: How Do I Deal With All The Chaos In My Head AND The Market?

COVID or any other event that brings massive amounts of change can be hard to deal with. During this #EntrepreneursAsk podcast, Allon addresses this and helps us consider how we might harness change rather than think we need to avoid it.
16 Feb 2021 8 min

Q: You Say “Lose The Business Plan”, My Bank Says I Need One - Now What?

Have you ever wondered why you need to do a business plan? Perhaps you’ve wanted to brush over or even ignore some details? And then there is Allon Raiz who has written an entire book called “Lose the business plan.” Listen to this important #EntrepreneursAsk podcast to find out what…
12 Aug 2020 21 min

Q: What Is The New Normal After COVID-19?

With the COVID-19 lockdown in full swing and the full impact of the pandemic still weeks away from being fully realised, we have a small window to prepare our businesses for the fallout and a new-normal. This second instalment of #EntrepreneursAsk will help you look up and out towards coming…
1 Apr 2020 25 min

Q: How Do I Lead My Business During The COVID-19 Crisis?

COVID-19 is upon us and with it comes unavoidable worry and even panic. We as leaders in our businesses need to find a way to see this crisis differently, and Allon helps us to do exactly that in this instalment of #EntrepreneursAsk.
18 Mar 2020 26 min