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Thrive with ‘DrD’

Each week, clinical psychologist ‘DrD’, Dorianne Weil, interviews an inspiring guest who'll help provide us with guidance and tools for not only understanding and coping with life, but for thriving in it! 'DrD' hopes this podcast will inspire people to live their lives with understanding and intention. 'DrD' served as an expert psychologist during the Oscar Pistorius trial and has interviewed the likes of Mother Theresa and the Dalai Lama.
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It’s not a Big Thing in Life (Arni Witkin)

Through this time of uncertainty and unpredictability there has been a priority shift and re-evaluation of new direction. How do you navigate life’s challenges. Move from anxiety to action; from procrastinating to progress; from fear of failure to taking risks; from blaming others to self-responsibility; from criticism to kindness and…
16 Sep 2021 40 min

Post-Traumatic Growth: Lessons for the New Year

2020 has been a year filled with personal, relationship, family, business and global challenges. We have experienced uncertainty, lack of predictability, loss of jobs, money, physical contact and huge mental health issues. How do we not let suffering go to waste? Are there lessons that can be learned and sustained…
10 Dec 2020 29 min

Forgiveness and Reconciliation

Have you ever been stuck in a moment that you cannot forget or move on from? In this week's Thrive with 'DrD' podcast, we explore forgiveness and reconciliation. "People think forgiveness is redeeming other people's behaviour. That's not the case at all. What's wrong is wrong. But, we want to…
3 Dec 2020 57 min

Resilience - and how to develop it

In this week's podcast, we meet Istanbul-based Şule Kutlay Gandur - an international leadership coach, TEDx Speaker and resilience expert. She and 'DrD' unpack and discuss resilience and how to develop it. They examine: • Why resilience is so fundamental to our lives, especially during challenging times? • They look…
26 Nov 2020 36 min

Rock star Steve Vai in conversation with ‘DrD’

Three-time Grammy Award winner, fifteen-time Grammy nominee; Frank Zappa, Van Halen and Whitesnake lead guitarist; composer, singer, songwriter, and producer Steve Vai unpacks his life experiences and shares his ideas in this week's Thrive with 'DrD' podcast. Steve Vai talks about his career in music and how it's helped teach…
19 Nov 2020 52 min

You and your future: Seeing the light in 2021 with David Shapiro

You and your future: Seeing the light in 2021 with David Shapiro In this podcast, we look at: • Understanding the global impact of the USA elections • Experiencing renewed optimism and collective relief • Receiving expert investment tips. David asks, and answers: "Will those companies that got us through…
12 Nov 2020 26 min

Acclaimed Music Director Bryan Schimmel on beating the odds

Bryan Schimmel* is widely regarded as one of the leading and most diverse Music Directors, Arrangers and Orchestrators in South Africa. Aside from a story of success as a musician, his story is one of facing, overcoming and living with challenges, and beating the odds. Bryan has succeeded as a…
5 Nov 2020 33 min

Ways to make sure your year-end holidays bring you more joy than stress

The end-of-year holidays are fast-approaching, and while this is a time of joy and connection for many, it can also be a stressful time for various reasons, including strained family dynamics and financial pressures. In this week's Thrive with 'DrD' podcast, Dorianne Weil gives some practical advice for how to…
29 Oct 2020 8 min

Social Media: Enhancer or Disaster?

Social media is here to stay. As parents we try and find some balance for our kids in this digital age of devices and screens. What advice can we offer parents to help avoid and deal with the potentially harmful effects of social media on our children? Can social media…
22 Oct 2020 31 min

Dealing with Depression: A personal story from Daryl Brown

Join ‘DrD’ Dorianne Weil in conversation with Daryl Brown as he shares his very personal story of deep depression, failed suicide in the London Underground, losing both legs and his subsequent journey from survival to thrival. This story comes in World Mental Health Awareness Month*, and Daryl's message is one…
16 Oct 2020 35 min

Couples who thrive

These days we aim simply for survival .. getting through another day. What can we learn from couples who Thrive? Do they have less challenges or fewer problems? Of course not! It’s not whether there are difficulties .. it’s how they deal with them that determines Thrival. Join ‘ DrD…
8 Oct 2020 27 min

Pandemic grief and loss - what stage are you in?

In the latest Thrive with 'DrD' podcast, clinical psychologist Dorianne Weil explores the five stages of grief and how they relate to the state of the world due to the Coronavirus pandemic. What stage are you at - anger, denial, bargaining, sadness or acceptance? 'DrD' helps to make sense of…
24 Sep 2020 22 min

Has your relationship taken strain in lockdown?

Has your relationship taken strain over the past several months of lockdown living? Many couples have been together 24/7 - whereas previously they'd have time apart during the working day, and would reunite in the evening. 'DrD' Dorianne Weil has received numerous emails around this topic, and has some very…
17 Sep 2020 5 min

3 key things everyone coping in this pandemic needs to know

'DrD' Dorianne Weil is breaking with the podcast's regular format this week, in order to respond to some of your questions around living and surviving - and thriving - in this so-called new normal. 'DrD' - a clinical psychologist - has three key pieces of advice for those of us…
10 Sep 2020 13 min

Gaynor Young's plunge and rise - Overcoming adversity

Gaynor Young, an acclaimed actress and opera singer, had just performer in a play at the State Theatre in Pretoria when tragedy struck. During a change in scenery on stage, Gaynor took one false step and found herself tumbling off the stage, and ultimately down five floors to the basement…
3 Sep 2020 43 min

The Power of Energy - with Colin Hall

Your personal energy levels determine it all, says leadership and business coach Colin Hall - who has over 60 years of business experience and who runs the 'Learning to Lead' programme. "If your energy's low, your brain is not fully functional," he tells 'DrD'. Colin is the ex-CEO of WoolTru,…
27 Aug 2020 37 min

Your thoughts determine your destiny – with John Demartini

Your innermost dominant thought becomes your outermost ‘tangible reality’. That's the belief of Dr John Demartini, Human Behavioural Specialist, Educator, Internationally Published Author and Business Consultant. He talks to 'DrD' about how to understand negative self talk – where it comes from and what purpose it serves; why you don't…
20 Aug 2020 36 min

The Science of Happiness with Justin Cohen

Did you know that people who are happier have substantially higher income; get sick less often and recover more quickly; have higher tolerance for pain, more tolerance for stress and less memory loss? *Justin Cohen - bestselling author, global speaker and transformational coach - believes there are practical things you…
13 Aug 2020 47 min

Parenting in a digital world where real predators roam

Parenting in a digital world - where real predators roam - can be really tricky. ‘Be in Touch’ was initiated by Josh Ramsey to educate, connect and protect families and schools, and enable our children to ‘thrive’ in this current digital world. In this podcast, Josh and 'DrD' discuss essential…
6 Aug 2020 30 min
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