Corona Diaries

Corona Diaries is a podcast that tells stories about what life is like in South Africa in the time of COVID19, as experienced by a group of students from Rhodes University in the Eastern Cape. In March 2020, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced a national state of disaster, and these students were told that they had to leave Rhodes and go home. Now they find themselves studying journalism online and as a part of this learning, they are sending stories back to campus. These stories provide unfiltered and relatable content that captures various dimensions of the new normal established by the pandemic. Each story is unique but together they tell the shared story of life in the moment of the pandemic. By journeying through these stories the series builds a shared understanding of how young people in South Africa are witnessing, from a personal perspective, an extraordinary moment in world history.
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22 Episodes
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An optimistic future

The final episode of season 6 is here! Yes, that’s right, after an exciting and content-packed season full of stories about life after the scary times of COVID-19. Despite the highs and lows we all experienced, we took a different route this season. We started to be a bit more…
7 Nov 2022 14 min

Corona Diaries S6E1

In this episode, we listen to interviews that our diarists conducted with their family and friends about how they feel being part of this podcast and what stories would they want to hear. Our host Tumiso Maseng introduces us to Nosipho Hlophe, who spoke to some of the people in…
2 Sep 2022 10 min

Awaiting a new Reality

The final episode of season 5 is here! Yes, that’s right, after an exciting and content-packed season full of stories about life in South Africa in the times of Covid-19, it is time to Say goodbye for now. We listen to interviews that our diarists conducted with their family and…
12 Jul 2022 12 min

My experience, My story

In this episode, we take on an emotional roller coaster journey across Mzantsi. We hear from our storytellers about how the pandemic has affected their lives and those around them. Host Luyanda Dube connects us with these storytellers. We first connect with Saneliso Mchunu, who shares her experience of self-discovery…
27 May 2022 14 min

New Stories From Behind the Masks

Corona Diaries is back for a 5th season! In the first episode of this new season audio storyteller and member of the 2022 second-year journalism class Qhama Yawa introduces us to a new cohort of storytellers. In a soundscape, Cassandra Scheepers, welcomes us into a space that she calls her…
12 Apr 2022 9 min

Episode 3 Season 4

The final episode of season 4 is here! We know goodbyes can be sad, so we found a sweeter way to do it. In this episode, we're hosted by Keren Banza who introduces us to Yolanda Pondo and her love for South African culture. Then, we log into the world…
12 Nov 2021 20 min

Episode 2 Season 4

In the second episode of season four Jessica Freedman takes us on a storytelling journey. Audio diarist Zinam Klaas chats with her mother who decided to open a coffee shop business during a pandemic. Then, Aurora Manique has a chat with her friend and house mate, Arno Cornelissen who took…
22 Oct 2021 15 min

Season 4 Episode 1

The Corona Diaries podcast is back for a fourth season! In the first episode, host Yolanda Pondo introduces us to more storytellers who share with us their audio talks. First, Jessica Freedman talks about how Covid-19 has affected people with hearing impairments. Then, like many other people who had to…
28 Sep 2021 16 min

Covid-Connected Episode 5

Welcome back to a new season of Covid Connected. In this episode, Aarifah Loonat, Noxolo Manyati and Lesego Thekiso dissect their experience as tutors of the podcasting course, and share with you three of the first editing exercises from the 2021 second semester class.
14 Sep 2021 29 min

Season 3 Episode 3

In this last episode of season three of the Corona Diaries podcast, we journey with Aiden Daries, who connects us with more storytellers. We connect first with Mathews Nthinya connects us with two members of the LBTIAQ+ community Rethabile and Khanyisile, about the challenges and discrimination they face. We then…
24 Jun 2021 22 min

Season 3 Episode 2

In the second episode of the third season of the Corona Diaries podcast, Singisa Mdungwana connects us with more storytellers. We journey to Makhanda, where Azlan Makalima is based and tells the use of his friends Mthobeli Klaas and Azola Jela, who started a baking business in the pandemic. In…
11 Jun 2021 15 min

Season 3 Episode 1

It is the new year, and we come with a new episode and season of the Corona Diaries podcast. In this episode, Lisekho Ngcetane connects us with a new cohort of storytellers. The storytellers we hear from in this season were first-year students in 2020. First, we hear from Lehlohonolo…
12 May 2021 17 min

Covid-Connected Episode 4

Join Bathandwa Njobe, Asikelelwe Pezisa, Nandipha Maliti and Lazola Jikwana in this season finale as they reflect on the year and how the JMS2 podcasting course changed for the better.
4 Dec 2020 33 min

Covid-Connected Episode 3

In this episode we go beyond what goes behind-the-scenes in corona diaries to the content producers' personal lives to get a glimpse of their creativity well.
4 Dec 2020 31 min

Season 2 Episode 3

In this episode of Corona Diaries, we take another riveting journey across Mzansi. We gear up for an exciting trip to the Eastern Cape. We meet storyteller Nanza Platana, who introduces us to a lifelong friend of hers named, Anxiety. Journey to the Kwa-Zulu Natal to meet with Pietermaritzburger, Josie…
15 Nov 2020 17 min

Season 2 Episode 2

In this episode, we take on a thrilling journey across Mzansi. We start our journey in Johannesburg, where Kiran Molloy shares how family and friends are re-adjusting socially now that lockdown restrictions on social gatherings have eased. We stay in Gauteng, where storyteller, Sinazo Magwebu, meets with Nomvelo Shinga, who…
1 Nov 2020 22 min

Season 2 Episode 1

Spring has sprung, and the world looks much brighter. We last connected with you in the middle of winter when the lockdown was at level 3. Our audio diarists are back at it to giving us a glimpse into their daily lives. In this episode, Prashalan Govender’s sister, Meshalini Govender,…
19 Oct 2020 17 min

Covid-Connected Episode 2

If you thought Episode 1 of Covid Connected was bomb then you will definitely enjoy the second episode! Join us again in studio as we meet the families and walk through the homes of the content producers. In this episode, Bathandwa Njobe, Lazola Jikwana, Nandipha Maliti and Asikelelwe Pezisa will…
23 Sep 2020 35 min

Covid Connected Episode 1

Episode 1 of the Corona Diaries’ behind-the-scenes podcast, Covid-Connected fills you in on the conceptualization and execution of the first season. The co-hosts, Bathandwa Njobe, Nandipha Maliti and Lazola Jikwana take you through how Podcasting teaching and learning had to adapt to the pandemic, the highs and lows that of…
25 Aug 2020 27 min

Season1 Episode 3

As Khanyisile Dlamini wraps up this season of the Corona Diaries podcast, we hear more stories from our reports that are scattered across the country. We hear from Salena Fourie, who reports on more repatriation flights bringing South Africans home. Naomi Grewan reflects on the assumptions she made before going…
20 Jun 2020 22 min
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