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Catch all the highlights, exciting, informative and thought provokingi nterviews here. The channel will allow you to catch up on stuff you might have missed on air or enyoed them so much that you want to listen again.

During the Lockdown and Covid-19, catch the weekly wrap-up on hyperlocal reporting by Sue Mclennan (Editor of Grocotts Mail) and a series by Dr Nosi Ngqwala (senior lecturer in the Pharmacy department)
Daily English South Africa Education Narrated by Dr Nosi Ngqwala
18 Episodes

Makhanda 360

Nobuhle Mathab chats to Sue Waugh, Director of Makana Tourism in Makhanda about the "A Melt on the Tongue Experience – all the way from Makhanda", an event taking place on saturday June 26 2021. Through Makana Tourism, accommodation establishments namely Butholam Homestay, A White House and businesses, Tumelo Trade…
24 Jun 2021 12PM 11 min


In this episode of the #AllRoadsLeadToRhodes campaign podcast series we get to know the commerce faculty while the dean, Prof. Dave Sewry and the commerce faculty alumni tell us why Rhodes University is the best university for you to pursue your next commerce degree.
15 Nov 2020 8AM 8 min

Law Focus with Shanti Khosa

This evening, Shanti Khosa chats to Mr Bonolo Mokgothu, the Director of Mokgothu Attorneys, on Gender-Based Violence and the Law.
24 Aug 2020 12PM 34 min

Makhanda 360

Makhanda 360 is a current-affairs show that speaks to the locals in Makhanda area, the show covers issues that are happening in the different areas. On the 13th of August 2020, the Makana Municipality Executive Mayor and Municipal Manager were found to be in contempt of a 2015 high court…
20 Aug 2020 12PM 53 min

RMR & Grocott's Mail Lockdown Weekly Wrap UP report

On this week's wrap up, Sue introduces Tusani wh will be working with her on future wrap up reports. They look at the state of readiness of school in Makhanda to re open. And the illegal initiation schools mushrooming despite the order to desease from the practuvce due to corona…
29 May 2020 8AM 27 min

Yung amplified

Yung Amplified, a youth show anchored and profudeced by our Youth Based Organisation, Upstart. On this show, they look scrutinize state of readiness for school reopening and how learners feel about it. Sindi chat to Itumeleng from Equal Education to gauge their feedback about their finding of schools preparing to…
28 May 2020 3AM 38 min

RMR & Grocott's Mail Lockdown Weekly Wrap UP report

During the lockdown, Sue Mclennan gives us a weekely wrap up, reporting on the current affairs happning in and around Makana. Today Sue looks into life beyond the extension of the lockdown. She express challenges of a relaible flow of numbers for reporting as the provincial reporting ends mostly at…
24 Apr 2020 8AM 27 min

Impilo ngexesha leCovid19 - Impact of COVID 19 on business

In recent weeks, we have seen the significant economic impact of the coronavirus on financial markets and vulnerable industries such as manufacturing, tourism, hospitality and travel. Guests 1. Prof Tshidi Mohapeloa : Prof in business school and entrepreneurship, coordinator for the Post Graduate Diploma in Enterprise Management (PDEM) and community…
17 Apr 2020 8AM 27 min

RMR & Grocott's Mail Lockdown Weekly Wrap UP report

During the lockdown, Sue Mclennan gives us a weekely wrap up, reporting on the current affairs happning in and around Makana. Sue foollow up food parcel allocations and food crisis during the lockdown. She chats to community members who are hid hard by the lock down who mailny rely on…
17 Apr 2020 8AM 27 min

Impilo ngexesha leCovid19 - Mental health and coping during COVID-19

Everyone reacts differently to stressful situations, How you respond to the outbreak can depend on your background, the things that make you different from other people, and the community you live in. We will have sis Mandi giving us some tips on how to cope during this time. Guests Miss…
15 Apr 2020 8AM 46 min

Impilo ngexesha leCovid19 - Role of academia in reliable information production

: Role of academies to ensure that trustworthy and credible information is reaching as many people as possible using local language: South African Young Academy of Science (SAYAS) Coronavirus-related disruption has given academies and researchers time to rethink the sector. Guests: 1. Prof Fanelwa Ajayi, SAYAS Co-Chairs and is a…
14 Apr 2020 8AM 27 min

Impilo ngexesha leCovid19 - Is there a cure for COVID 19?

There is currently no cure for COVID-19, nor is there a vaccine. Scientists around the world are working on potential treatments and vaccines for the new coronavirus disease known as COVID-19. Several companies are working on antiviral drugs, some of which are already in use against other illnesses, to treat…
10 Apr 2020 8AM 17 min

Covid-19 Lockdwn Weekly Wrap Up

During the lockdown, Sue Mclennan gives us a weekely wrap up, reporting on the current affairs happning in and around Makana. Sue looks at the effects lockdwon and its extension. She reports about the coalition of Grahamstown Business Forum, Grahamstown Residence Association and Makana Revive and their initiative that send…
10 Apr 2020 7AM 21 min

Impilo ngexesha leCovid19 - Staying engaged during COVID-19

Maintaining the engagement, particularly young school students is critical. Going to school is not only about learning math and science, but also about social relationships and peer-to-peer interactions. It is about learning to be a citizen and developing social skills. For everyone’s, this is also an important time to develop…
9 Apr 2020 8AM 21 min