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This show is about Science and the World today.
Want to keep updated about the World you're living in?
Perhaps you wanna know how other people view the Universe.
Want to know if everything you've heard about Space is true?
Embark on a very adventurous journey with us as Andrew reveals the truth about the Universe...

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Perseverance Rover Lands On Mars

The Perseverance Rover was launched on July 30, 2020, at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. It landed on Jezero Crater, Mars by Feb 18, 2021. Our goal today is to know some important reasons behind the #MARS2020 mission.

Must Know Before Learning Quantum Theory

Physics is both Classical and Quantum. Classical Physics involves studies of Macroscopic objects and very low speeds. Planets, Asteroids, Stars etc. On the other hand, Quantum Physics go deeper and smaller, with speeds approaching the one of light. We speak of particles, atoms and sub-atomic particles. And this is what we’re studying today.


Black holes are proposed by Astrophysicists as regions of Space with Gravity so strong that nothing can escape, not even Light. Our goal is to understand the physical nature of Black holes.

Physicists And Their Science

What is Physics?
Andrew explores some branches under Science with Physics at the Pinnacle.
Plus, find out what careers are available in the field of Physics.


What does New Years mean scientifically speaking?
Andrew goes into greater detail about astronomy, as well as the differences between astronomy and astrology.

The Essence Of Knowledge

Karabo Mosala is our guest.
As a Christmas gift to the listener, his story is one of the most inspiring ones.
He also just released his first book.
This show tells his story from his beginnings.

The Great Conjunction on the 21st December 2020

The great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn:- A wondrous event happening across the Heavens. This will be the visible one after a very long time. Although gazing this would be great, imagine your life if you could look this knowing what is really going on.

Behold, Look UP! And You Shall See Our Universal Family.

For ages people thought the Universe revolves around them and so are in a
special place in the middle of the Unknown. While it was okay to think like this,
we now know better. We are just humans in orbit of rather an average Star, that
forms part of trillions (as if we could count all of them) of super clusters of
galaxies. Not feeling special any-longer? Ha-ha, here is something to at least
cheer. Look UP! And you shall see our Universal Family.

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