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This show is about Science and the World today.
Want to keep updated about the World you're living in?
Perhaps you wanna know how other people view the Universe.
Want to know if everything you've heard about Space is true?
Embark on a very adventurous journey with us as Andrew reveals the truth about the Universe...

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The Physics of Sound

Imagine the crash of thunder, voices of friends, the rustling of leaves, drops of water, sounds of machines, animals, and musical instruments. All these provide sounds that reach our ears and provide us with information. Sound plays a vital role in communication. Let’s learn the fundamentals of sound.

X-RAY Astronomy

X-ray astronomy offers a very different view of our universe. This way of looking at the
skies has brought has brought into focus, exploding stars, active galaxies, hot young stars
and high energy physics.

Mathematics, Logic & God

Have you ever wondered why 2+2 = 4?
Why do you even believe it is true?
So, what is mathematics then?
We do know that it works!
There are Planets discovered using mathematics.
But how do we even define it? Can you touch mathematics? Probably not.
So, how can something not physical describe the Universe?

Let’s Come Back Home - Earth

When Apollo Astronauts travelled to the moon, they looked back on
Earth, and saw a tiny blue-and-white ball floating in Space. It was just it.
And that view, conveyed as never before just how fragile and small our
planet really is, in what seems to be an endless Universe.

The Calendar

Did you know that the calendar we use today is the product of patient study and constant trial and error?
Let’s understand how the calendar came about.

How Do Satellites Get Into Space?

Because of those, whose imaginations are driven by wonder and are not conforming to the restrictions of our contemporary World. Our knowledge of the Cosmos is increasing at an unprecedented rate. Perhaps, it is a time, that future historians will look back upon as a Golden age of discovery. And they shall remember, "It is those times when our ancestors first turned their telescopes skyward."


Imagine the beauty of a sunset, exquisite if not gorgeous colours of the rainbow, flamboyant views of autumn leaves and twinkling stars marching as they scream out their glitter. How quaint that the perception of colour causes us to deeply appreciate the beauty of nature. Although Men have been aware of colour since the ever dawn of the unknown, yet, its nature remained a mystery until only the seventeenth century. Thus, our understanding of colour adds greatly to our knowledge of the Universe.

The Dawn Of Knowledge

Did you know that simple Astronomy played an important role in how ancient people lived? In the early ages, the absence of search engines meant that thinking was an indispensable feature of mankind.

In the modern World, cognitive consequences upon the presence of search engines could be ambiguous. However, it cannot be denied, this has only marred the ability to solve problems by just thinking. Of course, you can always search that online.

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