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Over the last few years, public reflections about mental health have become more prominent within the Black community. As a result, more and more people feel comfortable disclosing to their loved ones and even strangers on social media that they are in therapy. In this new podcast series hosted by Kaya FM’s executive producer, Ncebakazi Manzi, we get to understand what motivates people to seek help in the form of therapy, how they even find the right therapist for themselves and what benefits they reap from the process. IN THERAPY is a special 10 part series contributing to the conversations already happening about the pursuit of mental health.

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Therapy 101 with Dr Melissa Card - EPISODE #10

In this final episode of the series, academic and psychologist, Dr Melissa Card shares her insights about therapy and the process. The conversation covers a range of themes including: the objective of therapy; the importance of boundaries between the therapist and the client and her views on trauma and how it manifests in the body.

Lindokuhle Nkosi - EPISODE #9

In 2017, Lindokuhle Nkosi was the victim of a series of violent crimes and found herself fighting physically to save her life. Those incidents, resulted in her suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and a year later, she decided to see a therapist full time. In this wide ranging conversation, she talks about dealing with the trauma; how her relationships have changed since she started therapy and why she won’t be silent about her mental illness.
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Anele Siswana On Men and Mental Health - EPISODE #8

In our society, men are often discouraged from expressing emotions that make them vulnerable or seeking professional help when they need help. But every once in a while, Clinical Psychologist, Anele Siswana meets men who want to be emotionally available and in touch with their own feelings. In this conversation he draws from his personal experiences and from his encounters with men in therapy.
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Khosi Jiyane on African Psychology - EPISODE #6

Khosi Jiyane knew as a child that she wanted to become a psychologist. Her journey into following that path has been long and marked by constant struggles. In this episode of IN THERAPY, she speaks about those challenges and the importance of African psychology and spirituality.
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Bridget Masinga - EPISODE #5

Bridget Masinga first saw a therapist when she was a child. As an adult, she built a relationship with a therapist she saw on and off over several years who helped her through a past relationship and grief over miscarriage. As she searches for a new therapist, she shares insights about her experiences with therapy.
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Athi & Zoe on Couples' Therapy – EPISODE #4

When Athinangamso Nkopo and Zoe Mann faced challenges in their relationship, they decided that couples therapy might be their best option. The search for a suitable therapist was not easy for them but they were determined to find help and remain together.
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Leeto Khoza – EPISODE #3

Leeto Khoza has been in therapy for the last three years in order to address the deep insecurities he inherited from his childhood. In his conversation with host, Ncebakazi Manzi, he speaks openly about confronting his family; suicidal thoughts that have plagued him for years and the positive changes he has seen in life as a result of being in therapy.
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Simnikiwe Masala – EPISODE #2

Simnikiwe Masala, a 30 year old PR specialist and dance enthusiast was diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy. Part of her treatment includes psychoanalysis. She speaks about how difficult her sessions were at the beginning and her spiritual journey.
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Amanda Mashego – EPISODE #1

Amanda Mashego knew for a few years before finding a therapist that she needed help. Between the stigma around mental illness and wondering why she had to be psychoanalysed while others seem to cope just fine, her journey to therapy was delayed but has proved fruitful. In this first episode of IN THERAPY, she opens up to podcast host, Ncebakazi Manzi.
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