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At the helm of Gauteng’s biggest business radio show, Kaya Biz, is Gugulethu who will be leading the conversation on what is next for the Afropolitan business landscape. The show presents local and international business news, entrepreneurship, corporate and investment banking. Since its inception in May 2006 Kaya Biz has grown from a half-an-hour daily finance update to an hour show bringing compelling business news and market reviews to listeners.
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Stats SA asks that people participate in the 'Income and Expenditure' survey

GUEST - Werner Ruch: Project director for the Income and Expenditure survey Household income and expenditure surveys are an essential component to a healthy data ecosystem and critical for economic and developmental planning and decision-making. Statistical agencies like Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) use these surveys to inform the measurement…
21 Sep 5PM 12 min

Black property professionals suffering because of building hijackings

GUEST – Kululwa Muthwa – CEO of The South African Institute for Black Property Professionals (SAIBPP) The South African Institute for Black Property Professionals (SAIBPP) is “gravely concerned” about the high costs associated with the continued hijacking of buildings in the country’s CBDs. This act of criminality, it says, costs…
21 Sep 5PM 16 min

OPINION | The SA taxi industry is worth billions. Why is it paying so little tax?

GUEST - Mbavhalelo Mabogo is CEO and Founder, Quickloc8 The South African taxi industry, a cornerstone of the nation's transport landscape, has long been under scrutiny for its apparent underpayment of taxes. However, a closer examination reveals a more complex reality. In 2021, the industry paid only R5 million in…
20 Sep 5PM 9 min

Big changes for the Road Accident Fund in South Africa – lawyers fight back

GUEST – Advocate Justin Erasmus, Chairperson of the Personal Injury Plaintiff Lawyers Association (PIPLA) Legal experts are crying foul over proposed changes to the Road Accident Fund, which will see the fund severely cut down on the support offered to road accident victims and negate compensation in some cases entirely…
20 Sep 5PM 12 min

The Great Unretirement – why working beyond your 60s is the future

GUEST – Corne Welman, Financial Adviser at Consult by Momentum In today's dynamic and evolving business landscape, the concept of retirement is undergoing a profound transformation. The traditional notion of leaving the workforce at a certain age and entering a state of relaxation is being replaced by the exciting concept…
20 Sep 5PM 18 min

Forex shortage challenging intra-African trade – Standard Bank report

GUEST - Philip Myburg, Head of Africa Trade, Standard Bank Group Standard Bank says intra-country trade in 10 key African markets remains difficult as currency volatility and international capital flight exacerbate the continent’s historic shortage of foreign currency, particularly US dollars, which is needed to pay for imports. That’s the…
20 Sep 5PM 11 min

Cheap cement imports put local industry at risk, report warns

GUEST - Professor Adrian Saville, Director of the Centre for African Management and Markets (CAMM) SA’s cement industry is using only two-thirds of its production capacity due to a combination of displacement by imports and low demand, putting jobs and government revenue collection at risk. This is according to a…
19 Sep 5PM 13 min

Are learnerships still relevant in 2023?

GUEST - Shobana Maikoo, Head of TransUnion’s Global Capability Centre (GCC) Africa Every year billions are spent on training and skills programmes for South Africa’s youth. The challenge is that while they teach tens of thousands of youth new skills, they don’t necessarily create a clear path into actual jobs…
18 Sep 4PM 8 min

80% of fraud cases in SA workplaces are committed internally.

GUEST - Steven Powell, head of law firm ENSafrica's forensics practice It is well-known that people who generate wealth from illicit or illegal activities, like theft, tax fraud or corruption, will conceal their assets amongst ‘seemingly’ legitimate income sources to avoid detection. Lifestyle audits can be used to identify criminality…
18 Sep 4PM 22 min

Alcohol Sale Industry - Balancing the scales – economics vs social impact.

GUEST - Angela Russell is CEO of Drinks Federation of South Africa The liquor industry is a key contributor to the economy, directly creating one million jobs in the value chain and about 500 000 jobs directly. It contributes significantly to tax revenues, with a total of R72 billion, along…
14 Sep 4PM 8 min
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