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At the helm of Gauteng’s biggest business radio show, Kaya Biz, is Gugulethu who will be leading the conversation on what is next for the Afropolitan business landscape. The show presents local and international business news, entrepreneurship, corporate and investment banking. Since its inception in May 2006 Kaya Biz has grown from a half-an-hour daily finance update to an hour show bringing compelling business news and market reviews to listeners.
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South African shoppers are not what they used to be.

GUEST – Andrea Ellens, Retail Industry Specialist at Trade Intelligence. As shopper behaviours evolve, brands and retailers are working hard to catch up, using tools to connect with a new generation of increasingly demanding and informed shoppers. South African shoppers are not what they used to be. They’re tougher, savvier,…
8 Jul 2PM 12 min

High cost of car ownership keeps 1.9 million car finance holders stagnant

GUEST - Andrew Fulton, Director at Eighty20. There are approximately 12 million registered motor vehicles in South Africa. But when excluding light and heavy delivery trucks, taxis and motor-cycles, fewer than one in five adults have a personal vehicle. There are roughly 8 million motor cars and station wagons, as…
8 Jul 2PM 9 min

Bidvest to sell Bidvest Bank and FinGlobal

GUEST - David Shapiro, chief investment strategist at Sasfin Wealth JSE-listed Bidvest will dispose of two of its entities – Bidvest Bank and FinGlobal, according to a statement on Sens on Wednesday. This follows the group’s announcement earlier this year that it intends to dispose of Bidvest Life. The group…
8 Jul 2PM 9 min

Shoprite launches bulk online shopping and delivery service

GUEST – Mark Cotton, Head of B2B eCommerce at the Shoprite Group. Shoprite has ventured into South Africa’s bustling e-commerce sector by introducing online shopping and bulk delivery service for spaza shops and small businesses. Customers buying in bulk can now purchase goods online from its Cash & Carry stores,…
4 Jul 2PM 8 min

Unequal pay for equal work: When is it discrimination?

GUEST – Malesela Letwaba, Associate at Employment Law practice at CDH. Remuneration levels can be a murky and complex area. Especially when employees are performing the same or similar job function. In a sc Scenario like this - where employees are performing equal work but their pay is different –…
4 Jul 1PM 13 min

Big EFT and debit order changes coming soon.

GUEST - Ghita Erling, CEO: Payments Association of South Africa. South African banks will implement a big electronic funds transfer (EFT) payment change in September 2024, impacting direct payments and debit orders. The change followed a decision by the Common Monetary Area (CMA) regulators to discontinue processing EFT payments and…
4 Jul 1PM 19 min

What entreprenuers really need to succeed in this economy

GUEST – Allon Raiz - Raizcorp CEO. Small business corporations are defined as entities with an annual turnover of less than R20 million in South Africa. These businesses are crucial to the South African economy as they contribute to job creation, economic growth, and poverty alleviation. However, despite their importance,…
4 Jul 1PM 14 min

Is the SA government doing enough to support small businesses

GUEST – Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams - Minister of Small Business Development. Small Business Development minister, Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams has expressed that the department seeks to continue with the reform agenda that the 6th government administration started under the new Government of National Unity (GNU).
4 Jul 1PM 11 min

Salaries in South Africa continue to outperform 2023 levels.

GUEST – Elize Kruger, Independent Economist. Take-home pay recovered somewhat in May, but pensions treading water. The BankservAfrica Take-home Pay Index (BTPI), tracking the average nominal take-home pay among about 4 million salary earners in South Africa, recovered somewhat in May 2024 to reach R15 888, a notable 10.0% up…
3 Jul 1PM 14 min

Chicken livers and offal on the rise as SA shoppers buy down

GUEST - Roy Thomas, Operations and Logistics Director at Hume International Latest import statistics show that South Africans are increasingly buying down on chicken products to stretch their pennies, as soaring costs of living place severe pressure on household budgets. According to data for the first quarter of 2024 compiled…
3 Jul 1PM 18 min

When is an employer contractually liable to pay bonuses?

GUEST - Tony Healy – Employer Labour Consultant Where an employer and employee had entered into a contract of employment that contains any provision regarding the compulsory payment of bonuses, an employer would need to adhere to the terms of such contract. If an employer does not pay the bonus,…
2 Jul 2PM 15 min

ALLAN GRAY – Three golden rules for long-term investing success

GUEST - Nomi Bodlani, head of Direct and Private Clients at Allan Gray Achieving long-term investment success is simple but not easy. It demands unwavering determination to stick to your chosen investment strategy and stay committed, even during periods of uncertainty. Investing for real, inflation-beating returns should be top of…
2 Jul 2PM 8 min

Why electricity has became so expensive in South Africa

GUEST - Miyelani Holeni Group Chief Advisor at Ntiyiso Consulting Group Over the past decade, electricity rates have risen significantly nationally. Electricity, unlike other expenses, is one that homeowners have little flexibility to control. Eskom has increased the price of electricity by 446% since load-shedding began in 2008, driving up…
2 Jul 2PM 9 min
12 – 32