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An audio magazine with the aim of being a one-stop interactive, informative, inspiring educational and empowering show. Topics on the ‘The best T’ not only aim to inform and impress the listener but also to raise some form of awareness positive or negative.

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My Top 10 @ 10 W/ Elmond Khoza African Luxury Timepiece and Solar Power Entrepreneur

Elmond Khoza is the Founder, Product Architect and CEO of Nkarhi
Timepiece, a firm founded in 2019 with a vision to infuse African flair to an
ancient watch industry. Nkarhi watches are inspired by Africa and designed
for the world.
Elmond is also the co-founder and executive chairman of Lamo Solar, a fast
growing engineering, procurement and construction solar photovoltaic firm.
In his role he ensures the company brings cutting-edge solar energy solutions
through innovation, with a desire to provide solutions that are in harmony with
the environment and also sustainable for the future.
BSc. Electrical Engineering, Honors Degree (Wits)
- 2017 Bizcr8 Entrepreneur of the year
- Lamo Solar, winners in the 2016 Eskom Business Investment Competition,
in the Engineering and Construction category
- In 2013, he designed the first facade Building Integrated solar system in
Africa for the GCIS building in Pretoria, which won the SAPOA Green
Other interests:
1. Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)
2. Urban Agriculture
Kaya 959


Regardless where you are in the world, there are things that you will never change you. You will forever do things the kasi way.

What are those things for you?
The things you insist on even when you are in the 'burbs. #CantTakeKasiOutOfMe
Kaya 959


Research shows that marrying your best sex partner, leads to failed relationships, because they do not last.
#DontMarryTheBestSexPartner, what do you say?

Are you married to your best sex partner?
Is sex overrated, when it comes to real love?
Why you #DontMarryTheBestSexPartner:

- You were not compatible apart from sex.
- It was a rebound, sexual healing, nothing else.
- While he had the body of a demigod, he was not the smartest.
- Because she was crazy.
Girls love Bad boys. Do they marry them, though? If not, why?

Could this the reason 👉 #DontMarryTheBestSexPartner?
Kaya 959


Dads have a way of influencing their daughter’s romantic relationships. He is her first romance (whether present or absent).

Did he set the bar too low, perfect example or too high?
Who stepped up to raise you, when your father was not there?

Is he the example, the bar you use to date?
There is a notion that Girls raised by (or closed to) their Dads, intimidate men? Whaat??

If it is true, what exactly is intimidating?
Kaya 959


When does one become an adult?

Is it age, employment status, or when you become a parent?

When will you children become adults?

Did life turn out the way you thought? Or do you sometimes wish you should have remained a kid?
Kaya 959

My Top 10 @ 10 W/ DJ/ Producer Ralf GUM

Ralf GUM’s music career dates back to 1990 when he started out as a DJ before establishing himself three years later as a full-on institution within the industry with own productions. Since then Ralf evolved to one of the most respected figures in the House Music scene called a role model, pioneer, innovator, legend and global House Music superstar by others, while his secret is simply to keep absolutely fervid about real music. Always staying true to his passion and attempting to enhance the genre, he is globally renowned for his exceptional productions and DJ-sets. Harmony, Soul & Groove – are the main ingredients, but just some aspects of Ralf’s distinctive deep sound.

With an instinctive feeling for the right vibe, Ralf GUM convincingly performed as a DJ all over Europe, Asia, the Middle East, South- and North America as well as Africa. From the early 90ies he had various residencies in Germany including the "Airport" (Wuerzburg), which was the living-room for his interpretation of Dance Music for more than a decade. Ralf captured the crowd with his sessions every Friday night and hosted other top artists like DJ Gregory, Martin Solveig, Lenny Fontana, Mousse T or Frankie Feliciano, to name just a few. From 2002 till 2007 Ralf held a bi-weekly event at "Studio-Lounge" (Wuerzburg) which was called “the deepest and most soulful party of Germany” by the Subculture Magazine. In addition Ralf has a tight international DJ schedule since the late 90ies, which let him travel to most corners of the globe. Ralf toured in South Africa for the first time in autumn 2008 to great response. Two extensive tours followed there in 2009, one of them coming along an invitation by DJU and the Department of Arts and Culture to the Southern African Music conference where he conducted various workshops. Since then Ralf became an annual panellist at the conference where he passes his knowledge about music-production, label business, DJ-ing and more to a multitude of aspiring talents
Kaya 959


Is this a fair observation: women are drinking more lately?

Yet again, how much is too much? #AreWomenDrinkingMoreLately
Girl, what is your go to drink, depending on occasion or day ofcos?
Kaya 959


You enjoy your partner in all the ways that matter, but what do you wish they could do less or more of?

It is never easy to give negative feedback to a partner about the things they do in bed.

But what do you wish they could do more or less of?

What happens when you tell your partner about the things you wish to explore in bed, or things you wish they can improve on?

Have you discussed it? And...?
Kaya 959


Are sober celebrations a thing, Or for a celebration there must be alcohol?
Walk in sober, Leave sober?

How does it feel being the sober one at a party?
Let's talk about peer pressure, as an adult. You went out not wanting to drink but ended up having a glass or two.

What's the best excuse to give, when you didn't feel like drinking?
Kaya 959


#IsMoneyAnAphrodisiac? Is it a turn on?

#IsMoneyAnAphrodisiac, is it the sight of it that turns you on?

But, doesn't money cheapen sex?
What about Sisters with "the purse", do they get more action?
Kaya 959


How successful have you been with online dating, is it working? Is it Tinder or DMs? #OnlineDatingStatusUpdate

Do girls slide into DMs?

Has it worked? #OnlineDatingStatusUpdate
Kaya 959


When you are feeling down, how do you pep yourself up? Can you fake it till you feel it? #FakeItTilYouFeelit

You faked Confidence, when scared.
You faked Courage when you were intimidated.
You faked Excitement even when you didn't like the gift.
You faked enjoyment when.... cut cut 😅

But can you fake Happiness?

Which feeling is hard for you to fake?

What's the worst thing to do when you are feeling down?
Kaya 959

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