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Gail Rubin Kunish consults with people who are transitioning their careers.

Offering insights to help those in transition or needing information to hone their skills. Whether you are starting over or just starting out, Gail provides tips and advice to help keep your career... In Motion.

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Military Spousal Support

What do you do for your career if your spouse is or is considering serving in the military? Gail discusses this question posed by a client and shares the advice she gave. Along with some things to consider if you're in a similar situation.

Facebook Networking

Traditional networking has evolved with social media being relied on by many. But is something like Facebook really a good choice? How do you use it effectively? Gail offers some advice you can use and how it can help you grow your network for prospects.

The Follow Up

They tell you they'll contact you but how long do you wait to let them? Preparing for that interview, meeting with potential employers will amount to wasted time if you never follow up. Gail offers some advice on how soon, how often and why you should always make sure you reconnect whether they do or not.

Effective Networking

You don't have to have a business to have a card, but you can definitely use one to help you in your search for one to hire you. Taking the time to invest in some business cards is an investment that grows your network every time you hand one out. Gail offers some insights into how to make networking work for you.

Thank You Notes

Technology has changed how we interact with others, but it hasn't changed the need to reconnect with a potential employer to say thank you. The simplest way is still the best, with a thank you note. Gail has some advice that will help you not only say thanks, but effectively display your skills in communication.

Dress for Success

Dress for the job you want... dress for success... phrases that should matter to you when it comes to making your job interview a success. Not every industry requires a formal approach to what you wear, but they do want you to look professional. Gail decodes the proper dress code for getting through the interview and into the job you want.

Cover Letters

It's the coming attractions of your blockbuster resume. The cover letter. It's the part that can give employers a reason to consider looking at your resume if done right, or toss it back on the pile. Gail helps you find the right length and points to make in today's podcast.


You've written that cover letter, put together your work history, listed everything you need for a great resume and then they ask for references. Do you know who to put and how many you generally need? Who you should or shouldn't use to land that job? In today's podcast Gail discusses the importance and proper use of giving references.

Resume Writing II

What should you include when it comes to your work history? How far back do you go in listing previous employment? Does it matter where you put education completed? Gail answers those questions as we continue our look at writing a resume.

Resume Writing I

Getting your foot in the door to the job you want begins with one important step. Submitting a resume. Gail discusses the things you need to start with and the types of resumes to choose from in today's podcast.

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