The Calling

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All across the Upper Cumberland, there are everyday people who are lead to do more than everyday things.

Accepting the call to become a minister, a preacher or an evangelist. Feeling lead to volunteer time to work with or even start a charitable group or organization. We introduce you to some of these local people who are living a life they felt drawn to on The Calling.

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Meet The Phillips Family

Keith and Tammy Phillips have spent their lives helping others work through the process of grief after losing a loved one. As owners of Goff Funeral Home in Monterey, they use faith to comfort and assist grieving friends and family in times of need. They join Denna Hornby to discuss what led them to the call of hosting funerals for others.

Meet Shelton Campbell

Shelton Campbell has spent most of his life with instruments in hand, and songs of praise in his heart. His upbringing around music and worship would inspire him to follow in his family's footsteps, and earn him the title of Music Director at TRINITYalgood. He joins Denna Hornby to discuss what led him to discover the call of leading others in songs of faith.

Meet Louis Davis

Louis Davis has spent the past several years of his life as a loving father at home and as associate pastor of Crossville First United Methodist Church. Unsure of where to go in life, he suddenly felt compelled to enter the ministry at the age of 15. He joins Denna Hornby to discuss his life both at home with his family, and with the family that he has through the church.

Meet Kathy Mattson

Kathy Mattson has spent most of her career as an educator. Working with young students and also with adults and older students. She is in charge of the Mother’s Day Out program at Collegeside Church of Christ in Cookeville. She joins Denna Hornby to talk about discovering and answering her call to a different kind of youth ministry.

Meet Frances Eldridge

Frances Eldridge has spent most of her life serving in various denominations. Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, the church names varied but the music and praise never did. She talks with Denna Hornby about going into music, her family and her calling to a different kind of ministering to others.

Meet Diantha McLeod

Diantha McLeod preaches at Burton's Chapel in Algood, Kynett in Sparta and Wright's Chapel United Methodist in Cookeville. She serves as pastor for the three churches that make up the Cookeville Parish of the Caney Fork River District. She talks with Denna Hornby about growing up in a time of civil unrest. They talk about her call to the ministry and beginning a nonprofit to help women further their education.

Meet Rachel Moses

Choosing a path in law and choosing to use her knowledge to defend those who were in need. Rachel Moses talks with Denna Hornby about following her calling to share her faith as a lawyer with legal aid, starting groups to help children with a need.

Meet Lindsay Holloway

Executive Director of This is Living Ministries Lindsay Holloway shares her testimony and the calling that was laid on her after overcoming addiction. She discusses her ministry, her husbands role in it and their ties to the community with host Pastor Denna Hornby.

Meet The Risher Family

Today on The Calling, meet the Risher family. Appointed to the Church of the Nazarene in Monterey, Reverend Adam Risher moved there with his family. He talks with Denna Hornby about not really finding his faith or his calling until his 20's. He discusses his ministry, his family, and their ties to the community and family around Monterey.

Meet The Shock Family

Today on The Calling, meet the Shock family. Addison Shock serves as the Pastor at the TTU Wesley Foundation along with his wife Logan Shock who serves as the Director of Ministries at the Foundation. After following their paths into education the two were lead to each and into a youth ministry. They talk with host Denna Hornby about how they came to find their calling.

Meet Dr. James Batson

After beginning a career in medicine Dr James Batson found his path leading into a specialty he din't plan on. Dr Batson talks with host Denna Hornby about his journey through medical school into practice. The journey of his family and faith and answering the call to help children through his medical practice.

Meet Monica Walker

Monica Walker serves as the Program Director for the B.E.S.T. program which is affiliated with the Heart of The Cumberland. She talks with host Denna Hornby about the work they do counseling those that are dealing with loss or divorce. They discuss her role and what lead her to be a part of this unique ministry.

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