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All across the Upper Cumberland, there are everyday people who are lead to do more than everyday things.

Accepting the call to become a minister, a preacher or an evangelist. Feeling lead to volunteer time to work with or even start a charitable group or organization. We introduce you to some of these local people who are living a life they felt drawn to on The Calling.

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Where Is God When Disaster Strikes?

This week, on a special edition of The Calling, host Denna Hornby is joined by a round table of pastors from the community to discuss the tornadoes that impacted Putnam County on the morning of Tuesday, March 3, and to ask the question of, "Where is God when disaster strikes?" Join Christian Smith from First Cumberland Presbyterian, Michael McLaughlin First Presbyterian Church in Cookeville, Andrew Smith on staff at Tennessee Tech University and from Blue Spring Presbyterian Church, Albert Willis from Algood United Methodist Church, and Lanita Monroe from Fairfield Glade United Methodist Church as they offer words of hope for those impacted by the tornadoes.

Meet Albert Willis

Albert Willis grew up in Tylertown, Mississippi where he helped deliver furniture for his parents' hardware and furniture store. As a very inquisitive child, he found himself getting in trouble on a fairly regular basis. Through these troubles, he learned forgiveness, and the power of confession from those he had offended through his trouble making. He slowly, but surely, began to work out his salvation by embracing his love of singing, which allowed him to travel the world with various Christian music groups. He joins Denna Hornby to share some of the moments that led him to follow the call to ministry where he is now the pastor of Algood United Methodist Church.

Meet Robert & Dana Owens

Pastor Robert Owens, Ph. D, and his wife First Lady Dana Owens began to feel the call to ministry while in college together, and eventually went from studying engineering and other fields of study to taking the steps together to go into ministry. Their journey following this calling would eventually lead them back to Cookeville where they founded Kainos Church in 2015. They join Denna Hornby to discuss their spiritual journey together, and how they tie it into their home and family life.

Meet Ken Wallace

Ken Wallace originally planned to become a sports writer when he attended Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia where he grew up. As he was trying to figure out where his faith was in life, he made an adult commitment to Christ at the end of his freshman year. Through this commitment he gradually began to feel the call to ministry, and would end up preaching his first sermon at the age of 21 after being asked to do so by his preacher at the time. He joins Denna Hornby to share the story of his calling, and how it has led him to becoming the pastor of Sparta First United Methodist Church.

Meet Reverend Nick Turner

Reverend Nick Turner grew up riding horses in Holly Springs in Overton County. His time joining a youth group began as a way to hang out with friends and play volleyball, but would eventually lead to him finding God. He discovered that he was able to step in front of the crowd and lead in worship, especially when it came to teaching children the word of God. He joins Denna Hornby to share the story of his calling, and how it has led him to becoming pastor of Monterey First Assembly Of God.

Meet Ted & Emily Stepp

Ted Stepp grew up in rural Eastern Kentucky before moving away - both to a new location, and away from the Lord due to being in a different environment, and succumbing to peer pressure at the time. It wasn't until the age of 18 that he finally understood his call to ministry, and made the decision to come back to the Lord with the love and support of his wife Emily. They join Denna Hornby to share their journey, and how its led them to work together in ministry where Ted is now pastor of Monterey Wesleyan Church.

Meet Reverend Louis Davis

Louis Davis has spent the past several years of his life as a loving father of 7 daughters at home, and as associate pastor of Crossville First United Methodist Church. Unsure of where to go in life, he suddenly felt compelled to enter the ministry at the age of 15. He joins Denna Hornby to discuss his life both at home with his family, and with the family that he has through the church, as well as the new live journals that members of his church are taking part in.

Meet Reverend Christian Smith

Reverend Christian Smith grew up in Murfreesboro, one of five sons of a minister. He always had a good church background growing up, but never considered going into ministry until his teenage years. Around the age of 15, he asked God for a sign, and should one appear, he would devote himself to ministry. That Sunday, he was asked to preach a service for a Youth Sunday at his church at the time, and it was then that he surrendered himself to ministry. He would then become ordained for the first time at the age of 19, and eventually would begin to travel while pastoring at various churches. He joins Denna Hornby to share his journey which has led him to Cookeville where he is now the pastor of Cookeville First Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

Meet Reverend Krislyn Durham

Growing up in Nashville, Reverend Krislyn Durham was the granddaughter of a preacher, and attended the same school that was her church. She originally would go on to attend Tennessee Tech University in Cookeville to pursue a degree in education with the intent to become a teacher, but she began to feel a call to ministry at the age of 19. All it took was one question of whether or not she had considered going into ministry for her to realize what her true calling in life was. She joins Denna Hornby to discuss her call to ministry which has led her to becoming pastor of First United Methodist Church in Murfreesboro.

Meet Dr. Jason Groe

Dr. Jason Groe grew up as the grandson of a pastor in Murfreesboro. Despite not growing up directly in a preacher's family, he always felt the call to ministry from a very young age. At the age of 14 he became the interim pastor of a church in Woodbury when the pastor would not be able to make it to sermons due to his occupation, and by the age of 16 he was called pastor of the church. He joins Dena Hornby to discuss his call to ministry, and the steps he took that led him to becoming Senior Pastor of Poplar Grove Baptist Church in Cookeville.

Meet Reverend Lanita Monroe

Reverend Lanita Monroe grew up in Nashville, the youngest of three girls, to a pastor father and a Christian educating mother. Due to her father's career, church was like a second home to her, and if the doors were open, she and her family were there. At first, she never thought she would join the clergy because of how shy and scared she was, and due to the fact that she was more than happy working behind the scenes as a part time church secretary. But much like others before her, she felt and pursued the call to ministry with the support of her children. She joins Denna Hornby to share her experiences in ministry that led her to becoming Senior Pastor of Fairfield Glade United Methodist Church.

Meet Dr. Jerry Huffman

Dr. Jerry Huffman grew up in Kentucky, the son of a Baptist preacher. He came from a family of pastors and missionaries, and as a teenager, he didn't want to be like everyone else in his profession. During college, he began to feel a call to ministry, but it wasn't until he began receiving requests from other pastors, some he didn't know, who all said that God put it on them to ask him to come and preach for them that he truly felt his call to ministry. He joins Denna Hornby to share his experiences pastoring in Texas for 11 years, Kentucky, and now Tennessee where he is senior pastor of Monterey First Baptist Church.

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