Binge Or Cringe

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It's the shows you'll love enough to binge and the shows that'll make you cringe.

With so many shows and streaming options, we cut through the clutter so you know what's great and what's not. Jane Ellen and Adam Cravens discuss what to binge-watch and what shows are cringe-worthy.

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House of Cards, GBBS & Latin History For Morons

House of Cards wraps up with closure for fans of the show and a great performance from Robin Wright. The Great British Baking Show is truly nice. It's pleasant, the baked goodies are beautiful and there's no nastiness. It's very nice. John Leguizamo's Latin History for Morons is funny, enlightening, fast-paced and not family friendly. It is an excellent way to spend an hour.

All three are on Netflix.

Outlaw King & Charmed

Binge or Cringe is all about Outlaw King & the Charmed reboot. On Netflix, Chris Pine Outlaw King is based on the life of Robert the Bruce. You'll get some knowledge and have plenty of time to realize how dirty medieval times were. They also discuss the reboot of Charmed...13-30-year-old girls will love it.

Adam Ruins Everything

Binge or Cringe focuses on the easily-digestible fact-filled show called Adam Ruins Everything on Netflix and an overview of reboots to come and classic shows worth binging upon.

Maniac & The Dragon Prince

Binge or Cringe is about Netflix limited series Maniac with Emma Stone and Jonah Hill. Is it alternate universes or different timelines or....? Still don't know. But it is interesting. Plus The Dragon Prince, a new animated show with many pop culture references.

Atypical & The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Binge or Cringe is about Netflix show Atypical about a high school senior with autism. And the Emmy winning Amazon Prime show The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Two excellent shows that are creative and different.

Norm MacDonald Has A Show

Binge or Cringe is about the uproariously entertaining Norm MacDonald Has a Show which has funny and interesting conversation with celebs like David Letterman and Drew Barrymore. And Ozark Season 2. It moves slowly but is an interesting story. It has Jason Bateman, who is always worth watching.

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