Life Assurance Seminar Johannesburg 10 May 2018

ACTUARIAL SOCIETY OF SOUTH AFRICA  |  Podcast , ±42 min episodes every 1 hour  | 
1. A view from May 2018:
Speaker: Ian Cruickshanks
Chair: Colin van Zyl

2. Our TCF Journey: the good, the bad and the ugly:
Speakers: Paul Truyens, Giles Waugh, Nina Le Riche, Johann Le Roux
Chair: Nicolaas Kruger

3. Product Innovation in Micro-insurance:
Speaker: Marc Tison (Zing)
Chair: Andrew Warren

4. Assured Lives mortality investigation:
Speakers: Leza Wells & Etienne Rossouw (CSI committee)
Chair: Andrew Warren

5. IFRS 17 – one year on:
Speakers: Renaldo De Gouveia, Michael Meerkotter, Tracy Lister, Jac Niemand
Chair: Andrew Warren

6. Future of Insurance:
Speaker: Peter Temple
Chair: Tracy Lister

7. Passing the buck: The admin system risk
Speakers: Mia Geringer, Lukas Ehlers (ASSA system and techology committee)
Chair: Tracy Lister

8. APN106:
Speakers: Simon Louw
Chair: Saneliswe Nkuta

9. Professionalism and Ethics:
Speakers: Sandile Mbili
Chair: Saneliswe Nkuta

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Passing the buck: The admin system risk: Speakers Mia Geringer Lukas Ehlers, Chair Tracy Lister

How much actuarial involvement is needed when implementing or testing a system?
Our challenge is that there is currently no IT governing body for any system. This means that there is a significant risk of failed systems or incorrect data being produced. We want to increase awareness of these risks among actuaries and see this system challenge as an opportunity for actuaries to get more involved and start some governance process within the technology industry.

Future of Insurance - What is the future of insurance in this changing world? Speaker: Peter Temple Chair: Tracy Lister

We face a world of where the nature of uncertainty is changing. The future is
collapsing into the present at a faster pace than the past can be used to extrapolate
the future. In fact the past is no longer an indication of the future at all. We have
convergence of many factors – biological, physical and digital. This presentation will
share insights from research conducted with leading insurance CEOs, Futurists,
Academics and Consultants both inside and outside of the insurance industry. The
presentation will cover high level themes emerging from the markets and highlight
key sub-trends in those themes. The presentation will challenge you to think how
future-fit you and your organisation are.

IFRS 17 – one year on: Speakers: Renaldo De Gouveia, Michael Meerkotter, Tracy Lister, Jac Niemand Chair: Andrew Warren

The accounting standard IFRS 17: Insurance Contracts was published a year ago (18 May to be exact). With implementation date effective 1 January 2021 for most (and a reprieve of a few months for those with year end not coinciding with a calendar year end), there is a lot to do in a short space of time. In South Africa the main initial workload to prepare companies has been performed by the actuarial profession, who will be responsible for the modelling of a significant portion of the new income statement of insurers. We have assembled a panel to discuss some of the pertinent actuarial and other less-actuarial issues that the teams have been grappling with this last year.”

Product Innovation in Micro-insurance: Speaker: Marc Tison (Zing) Chair: Andrew Warren

• Understanding the customer segment: the need for financial protection and what can people actually afford
• Why is everyone excited about this “New Customer” and what is driving this interest
• The customer journey – how do we tackle the uninsured customer and get them to shift from being excluded to being included
• Changing benchmarks – a critical mind set change is required and so how do we do this
• How do we invest in social economic development (this is much more than CSI) – without eroding profit margins
• What are the ideal channels for distribution and servicing
• Claims: how can we make this simpler, accessible and instant
• The role technology can play
• The role re-insurance can play in support of Solvency II customer outcomes

9 episodes