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Entertainer, MC, radio presenter Danny Painter is proudly "born and bred in Brakpan" and brings you interesting interviews with people from all walks of life. Catch her on Jacaranda FM every weekday from 19:00 - 22:00. To send your music requests, SMS Danny on 37942 or Whatsapp her on 084 850 0942.

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Goodluck on Rum and Cola, going live and giving back

Goodluck are one of our favourite bands, in the world! From Off the Beaten Track to Hot Hits, they have been part of the Jaca family for a while.
I got to catch up with Jules to chat about lockdown, going live, giving back and their new single!

While on a songwriting trip to Europe, Jules and Ben wrote and recorded the beginnings of what was to become their brand new 'Rum and Cola', a song that is going to make you miss lazy, wine filled Sunday afternoons with your friends. It's an uplifting song, something that we have never needed more than right now!

In our Zoom chat, Jules spoke about how important is to give back to the community you are in, wether that means an EFT of R10.00 or making some sarmies for a feeding scheme. But, we also spoke about their upcoming gig via live stream that you have to join!

Can meditation and mindfulness help us during lockdown?

According to YouTuber and meditation teacher Raph Reiter, it can! Here's how.. Raphael Reiter is a YouTuber, Podcaster, and Blogger who uses modern day platforms to teach age old wisdom.

While I was looking for ways to calm my anxiety, sleep better, and just heal myself, I happened upon his 100 day meditation challenge and my life was changed! I'm not being dramatic. It really was!
Through the practice of meditation, I began to have the ability to calm my nervous energy, to breathe through panic, and centre myself during those times when my head was running away with me! I knew I had to get him on a Zoom call all the way from Germany to explain the how, why, and what behind it all!

Listen here:

The one ingredient lockdown challenge with Danny's worst ingredient ever!

Everyone has that one veggie they absolutely cannot stand. This week Izelle Hoffman is making Danny rethink hers!Butternut. The worst vegetable known to Danny Painter, but one of the best for our lifestyle chef and author Izelle Hoffman!

This week in the one ingredient lockdown challenge, Izelle is teaching Danny how to make an incredible Chickpea (or chicken for meat eaters) butternut curry!

Here are four Good News stories you need to hear!

Every Monday Brent Lindeque joins Danny Painter in studio with all the 'Good Things'! This week those good things include an SAPS sergeant making a difference, schools reopening and a new way to recycle after lockdown!

Listen here!

What’s going on out there? This book helps children understand a crisis

It's tough to explain certain subjects to kids. Questions like, “Where do babies come from?” or, “Why do I have to wear a mask outside?” can leave parents speechless. When reality is too troublesome or complex for young minds, moms and dads often turn to storytellers for a solution. But there’s no enchanting tale to guide children through a pandemic. Splashing paint and words of hope onto this blank page, writer and illustrator Matthew Griffiths is helping families better understand the crisis.

During a lockdown to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, Griffiths decided to do something meaningful in isolation. “Making information available to children has never been more important than it is right now,” he says. With schools closed and a shortage of age-appropriate resources available, many children were left in the dark about the current situation. “I noticed that there was a lot of information out there for adults and it was quite technical,” Griffiths says. “I wanted to translate that and create something new for children.” So, he wrote and illustrated 'The Inside Book'.

Listen here!

Brooke Logan's daughter on awards, lockdown and more!

Imagine being nominated for the award of a lifetime - in the middle of a lockdown! In this global pandemic, everything is changing!

For 'Bold and the Beautiful' actress Annika Noelle, that could mean that there will be no red carpet, no fancy dinner, and no walking on a stage to accept her Emmy award this year!For Noelle, who plays 'Hope Logan', daughter of 'Brooke Logan' and 'Deacon Sharpe', it must be at least a little disappointing, right?I got to chat to her via a Zoom call about the nomination, the lockdown and when 'The Bold and the Beautiful' will return to work.

These lovebirds are scooping up a frosty solution to food waste

When life gives you overripe lemons, you toss them in the trash.People are taught that if something is battered or bruised it's usually bad. In turn, a culture of extreme food wastage has arisen. But Thato Mbongeni Masondo and Thula Ndema are changing that. Picking up the discarded lemons, the couple squeeze them and add a few blocks of ice and a pinch of spice – producing a thriving sorbet business in the process.
Across the world, perfectly edible fruit and vegetables rot.

These scrapped groceries pollute the environment, and have become a significant source of methane – a noxious greenhouse gas. While working in Johannesburg’s bustling city centre, Masondo and Ndema would pass this problem on their daily commute. “We saw a lot of street vendors throwing away overly-ripe fruits,” Ndema says. Taking matters into their own hands, they started buying the unwanted produce from these merchants at a discounted price. Then, they blended them into a sorbet solution too delectable to turn away. “Our first couple of batches tasted really good, but we were determined to perfect the mixture,” Masondo says. After getting the texture and taste just right, the pair founded Sobae and began selling their sustainable scoops on the streets of Braamfontein.

Today, the entrepreneurs have a permanent home in the Victoria Yards complex. Inside their store, unique flavours fuse. From banana and butternut with chai to tangy mango with a kick of chilli, Masondo and Ndema mix seemingly incompatible ingredients to create a match made in heaven. As self-proclaimed sorbet purists, artificial isn’t a word in their lexicon. During fermentation, enzymes are broken down into natural sugars. This helps to create a dessert that’s both guilt-free and environmentally-friendly.

While clearing their neighbourhood of food wastage, they have inspired others to harness their ingenuity and swe

The 'One Ingredient Lockdown Challenge' with a twist

Every week, lifestyle chef and cookbook author, Izelle Hoffman, joins us to be challenged with making a dish from an ingredient in our cupboardsThis week is a little different! The 'one ingredient' is more like a 'few' ingredients!

With winter having landed, soup packs are to in full force at every supermarket you go to! Filled with nutrition and cost effective, they are a staple in most South African households, but we needed a new take on an old favourite.Whether you spend all morning grating or chopping, following your Ouma's or Gogo's recipe is a must. Well, it was a must! This week, Izelle takes on the soup pack and turns it into the best soup in the world!

Brent Lindeque is back with our Monday 'Good Things'!

This week we are talking about Spar and the South African Rugby legends teaming unto do amazing things as well as a South African star flying the flag in the UK, an app for those Cancer warriors and Billie Eilish taking on body shaming in the most beautiful way! Listen here!

Izelle Hoffman's favourite ingredient!

Our 'Food Fairy Godmother' is back for another 'one ingredient lockdown challenge! And this week the ingredient is one of her all time favourites! It will be one of the most polarising ingredients we've discussed on the show, but we will discover if the health benefits make the price worth it!
This week we are talking all things almond! Milk, flour and more!

There is no planet B. This singer calls on the world to face the music

At the heart of the universe there is music. The call of a bird, the rustle of leaves and the crash of waves all culminate to compose nature’s symphony. But the noise of destruction makes Mother Earth’s songs difficult to hear. So how do you get people to listen? Sarah Farrell’s solution is to sing.

The environmentalist knew she had to rethink her methods of social activism if she was to play any part in the world’s recovery. Frustrated with slow progress in South Africa, she picked up her ukulele and began to strum a new tune for the future. “We need to talk about climate justice in ways that are more accessible,” Farrell says. “Music is a great way of doing that.” Marrying harmonies of hope with lyrics of reform, she takes people on an emotional journey as they feel her melodies rather than just hear them.

“Music helps me process my own ecological grief and communicate change,” Farrell says. From rampant consumerism to the extinction of species, her songs highlight pressing issues around the globe while providing sustainable solutions and cathartic release. Farrell’s melodic approach has become an integral driving force in South Africa’s environmental movement. In 2019, she led three climate strikes in Cape Town and wrote songs for multiple green campaigns in an effort to engender transformation.

Through her soulful sonnets, Farrell unites people from all walks of life to add their voices to the chorus demanding action. “Go to protests, call on the government,” she says. “Focus on how we can change the system.”

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