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On The Job takes a deep look at the careers in the workplace, interviews practitioners and offers advice on how to get into that career.

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Weekly English South Africa Careers · Education
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On The Job - The joys of following a career in healing

Although she never got a chance to follow her dream to be a veterinarian, Ingrid Pollock still gets to heal many lives as a Reiki practitioner. Reiki involves healing the physical, emotional and spiritual body. Pollock explains her journey from corporate to healing and why it so much more fulfilling…
23 Oct 2018 4 min

How radio is more than just the voice

Daluxolo ‘Dali’ Jalmeni, a radio personality and entrepreneur, shares his radio experience and why it is important to study at a media house for better understanding of the industry. Dali takes a look at what he could have learned about radio before his career. He believes that young people should…
21 Aug 2018 3 min

How to become a fire fighter and save lives

Fire Fighter Nkosikhona Andile Khumalo from the City of Ekurhuleni Metropolitan explains the important role that fire fighters play in different communities to save peoples’ lives and what it takes to become a professional fire fighter.
24 Jan 2018 3 min

How paramedic’s save lives every hour

David Stanton, paramedic and head of clinical leadership at Netcare911, tells us about the requirements and daily tasks involved in a paramedics’ career.
8 Dec 2017 4 min

How to have a stable career as a ballet dancer

Nicole Ferreira-Dill senior soloist at Joburg Ballet shares information on the different levels of a ballet dancer and the appropriate age to start to become a professional dancer.
8 Dec 2017 4 min

A brief look into garden designing

Glenice Ebedes has been a garden designer for six years. She shares her insights on the common misconceptions of garden work and ways to get a foot into the industry.
27 Nov 2017 3 min

What you need to become a personal trainer

Versatile personal trainer, Tsitso Lepheana, walks us through his fitness business, Hiitfitness, and the qualifications and skills needed to be a freelance personal trainer.
20 Nov 2017 6 min

The day-to-day work done in public relations

In public relations the client is your first priority before anything else and Charlene Lamb Executive Director of ONSPOT Communications Management explains what it means to work in the public relations industry, from the client, to the media channels and the external public at large for the over-all results.
6 Nov 2017 4 min