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Impact Series | Telviva Engage: omnichannel customer service

The context of how businesses engage with customers is vital: it reassures clients that they have been heard.
Clara Wicht, Telviva senior product and marketing manager, and Rob Lith, chief commercial officer, join James Erasmus to discuss current developments in the customer service industry in this Impact Series episode.
Long gone are the days of PBXes and Post-it notes. Customers engagement is becoming more unified, and agents are now more empowered to respond with a single view of the customer’s profile and historical engagements in a meaningful and useful way.
Telviva Engage is a locally developed and scalable platform that integrates into existing CRM and other business systems, on premises or in the cloud (or a combination both).
Wicht explains: “It’s an all-in-one platform that aggregates multiple engagement channels into a single view, all while empowering quicker and more informed responses to customer engagements.”
Lith suggests putting the platform to the test by visiting the Telviva Engage and seeing how the company can synchronise multi-channel engagement, including Web, social media, WhatsApp, and fixed and mobile voice and chat.
“We believe that contact centres, customer service centres and customer-facing teams should be empowered to have a single, user-friendly view of all the channels on a browser that they can access anywhere, on any device, for a more authentic, immediate customer experience,” Lith says.
* Impact Series episodes are paid for by the party concerned

TC|Daily | Netstar CTO Cliff de Wit on IoT, AI and astrophotography

Cliff de Wit, a former Microsoft South Africa director and now chief technology at Altron's Netstar, is passionate about many things: skills development, the internet of things, artificial intelligence ... even astrophotography.
He joins TechCentral's Duncan McLeod in the TC|Daily studio for a wide-ranging -- and fascinating -- discussion on some of the latest technologies Netstar is exploring that take the company's offerings well beyond the traditional tracking and recovery of vehicles it's traditionally known for.
Well known in developer circles -- he maintains a keen interest in software development as well as in education and skills development from his Microsoft days -- De Wit chats about how Netstar is taking the vast amount of information the company collects daily, and refining it into something forward-looking, useful and actionable.
He also takes us into the world of astrophotography, and much more besides.
Don't miss the discussion -- and do subscribe to TC|Daily if you haven't already done so (details below). The full-resolution Milky Way image taken by De Wit that he speaks about in the interview can be found here.

Impact Series | Audi's Sascha Sauer on the shift to EVs in South Africa

Sascha Sauer, the head of Audi South Africa, believes local electric vehicle sales are poised for take-off, despite challenges such as high importation taxes and customer concerns about load shedding.
In this TechCentral Impact Series interview, Sauer says South Africans have started taking a much keener interest in electric cars, with a wide range of electric vehicles having been introduced into the local market in the recent past – and more to come.
Models already available locally from Audi are the e-tron, e-tron Sportback, e-tron S Sportback, e-tron GT Quattro and the RS e-tron GT.
In this Impact Series episode, Sauer unpacks Audi’s EV strategy for South Africa, chats about the EVs Audi has introduced to local consumers already, and the German marque’s roll-out plans in the years ahead.
He also talks about Audi’s plans to stop manufacturing models with internal combustion engines entirely, and how that will impact Audi buyers in South Africa.
The move to electric is a big deal for car buyers, manufacturers and the dealer networks. Sauer unpacks in detail what to expect and the work that Audi South Africa has already done in anticipation of a sharp uptick in EV sales, including rolling out charging infrastructure and ensuring the service network is retooled and ready for their mass arrival.
Sauer also busts some of the myths around moving to electric – from the obvious one, load shedding, to concerns about vehicle range, battery lifespan and the availability of charging stations.
If you’re interested in the future of motoring in the South African context and are keen to know more about what Audi has in store, don’t miss this fascinating interview.

TC|Daily | What's next for Showmax, with MultiChoice's Barry Dubovsky

Meet the man behind Showmax. As chief operating officer of MultiChoice Connected Video, Barry Dubovsky is leading the charge to bring the 2022 Fifa World Cup to Showmax Pro in 4K.
Dubovsky joins Duncan McLeod in the TC|Daily studio to chat about what has been involved in getting Showmax ready for the World Cup, and what the plans are for bringing other content to the platform in 4K once the global football event has concluded.
An Australian national who has previously worked for telecommunications operator Telstra chats about how he ended up working in a senior role for an Africa-focused video entertainment company. He also unpacks what’s involved in running a streaming video service like Showmax.
Also in this episode of TC|Daily, Dubovsky discusses:
• The tighter integration of Showmax into MultiChoice
• What drove the recent price cuts for Showmax Pro
• Fragmentation of the video entertainment industry and what comes next
• The long-term future of streaming vs satellite and cable
Don’t miss the discussion!

Everything PC S02E05 - 'A window on HP'

In this special episode of Everything PC, HP Southern Africa regional director Yesh Surjoodeen and Microsoft South Africa chief operating officer Colin Erasmus are in the studio.
They join show hosts Duncan McLeod and Gerhard Pretorius for a discussion on what they do best in this show: personal computers, with a focus on Windows 11. HP and Microsoft are sponsors of season 2 of Everything PC.
In the discussion, Erasmus talks about how Windows 11 has been received by the local market. He also unpacks the 22H2 release, and the new features it brings to PC users.
Surjoodeen talks about the demerger of HP and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and the impact that had on the local operations. He also chats about HP’s PC line-up, especially its laptops.
Erasmus then delves into Microsoft Work Trend Index report, which surveyed companies around the world, including in South Africa, and what it found about workplace trends and the hybrid workforce.
And being Everything PC, there’s plenty of talk about semiconductors, PC peripherals and plenty more besides.
Don’t miss the show – and please subscribe if you haven’t already (details below).

TC|Daily | MultiChoice CEO on 4K, DStv Glass and the future of pay TV

The launch of 4K for the 2022 Fifa World Cup, the development of DStv Glass smart TVs, the launch of uncapped fibre services, and more – it’s been a busy period for South Africa’s incumbent pay-TV operator.
MultiChoice South Africa CEO Nyiko Shiburi joins TechCentral’s Duncan McLeod in the TC|Daily studio to chat about all the announcements the broadcaster made at its recent DStv Showcase event, and what we can expect from the company in the months ahead.
In the discussion, Shiburi talks about:
• His background in MultiChoice Group, and how he worked his way up through technical and engineering roles into management, eventually becoming CEO of the key South African operation.
• What's been involved in getting MultiChoice ready for the World Cup and 4K broadcasts, including studio upgrades. This includes a look at the modern compression technologies used to minimise bandwidth utilisation as much as possible while still ensuring a good-quality image.
• What we can expect next from DStv in terms of 4K content, following the conclusion of the World Cup in December.
• How important it is for MultiChoice to be seen as a technological leader.
• DStv Glass, the relationship between MultiChoice and the UK’s Sky, and what we should expect from the product offering when it is launched next year.
• The strategic thinking behind the “coopetition” with Netflix, Disney and Amazon, which are available as apps on DStv platforms, including the Explora Ultra personal video recorder.
• Streaming vs traditional satellite and what’s involved in managing that transition from a technology and cost perspective.
• Why MultiChoice became an Internet service provider.
Don’t miss the discussion!

TC|Daily | How MoyaApp is taking on WhatsApp, and winning

The “data-free” messaging app MoyaApp, which already has six million active monthly users in South Africa, is working hard to become as big as WhatsApp in the country.
The app’s founder, Gour Lentell, joins Duncan McLeod on TechCentral's technology show, TC|Daily, to talk about how the development of the app is progressing.
Lentell talks about the history of MoyaApp, how it’s able to offer “data-free” messaging to people who don’t have data or airtime, and why he believes this is a winning proposition in a country where Meta Platforms-owned WhatsApp has become entrenched.
In this episode of TC|Daily, Lentell unpacks:
• MoyaApp’s business model
• Its growth projections
• His background and how he came to create MoyaApp
• Why MoyaApp is succeeding in South Africa when China’s WeChat failed
• The evolution of instant messaging in South Africa, from Mxit to BBM to WhatsApp
• Super apps and their role in the ecosystem – including a discussion on Elon Musk’s plans for Twitter
• MoyaApp’s monetisation model
• MoyaPay, fintech and a cashless economy
Don’t miss this insightful discussion about a homegrown app taking on global giants.

Everything PC S02E04: - 'Mac, Mac, Mac, Mac, Mac, Mac'

This is the South African technology show all about personal computers. This season of Everything PC is sponsored by HP and Microsoft.
In episode 4 of season 2, hosts Duncan McLeod and Gerhard Pretorius tackle the world of Mac and macOS. They discuss:
* What Apple does well and what Apple doesn't do well
* The benefits and disadvantages Apple's "walled garden"
* Windows vs macOS
* Gerhard's view of macOS as a hardcore PC user - spoiler: he's not at all complimentary
* The poor repairability of Apple hardware
* Apple silicon: is it better than what's available in the Windows PC world?
Even if you don't use a Mac, we're sure you'll love this episode.
And if you do enjoy this content, please subscribe to this show and TechCentral’s other technology shows on YouTube or through your favourite audio platform.

[TC|Daily] Alviva Holdings: champagne results, a delisting and 'Pierre pressure'

Alviva Holdings’ latest financial results show a group firing on all cylinders – full-year dividend up 90%, revenue up 57% and headline earnings per share up 91%. But can the party last?
Group CEO Pierre Spies and Craig Brusden, CEO of technology distributor Axiz (Alviva’s largest subsidiary), join Duncan McLeod in the TC|Daily studio to unpack just how the group managed to turn in such stellar results amid a weak local economy and a constrained global supply chain.
Spies and Brunsden unpack:
• The impact of Alviva’s acquisition of Tarsus Technology Group.
• How Alviva’s three main distribution businesses, Axiz, Pinnacle and Tarsus, differ from each other – and why they are allowed to compete, within bounds.
• How the distribution business in South Africa is changing and what that means for the business model.
• The impact of the semiconductor supply crisis, which is now easing.
• How’s launch of an online retail marketplace in South Africa next year will change the IT distribution game.
• The talks to buy out Alviva and take it private – and why Spies believes there is no value in being listed.
Don’t miss the discussion.

Impact Series | Maxtec and Orca Security – why public cloud is risky business

Unless you have 100% visibility and are continuously scanning your cloud environment, you are vulnerable. According to recent research by Orca Security, 78% of identified attack paths use known vulnerabilities (CVEs) as an initial access attack vector.
This is significant because most entry points that are exploited can relatively easily be prevented since these CVEs are already known and the vast majority already have remediations available.
Praven Pillay, MD of Maxtec and Sagy Kratu, director of enablement and an evangelist at Orca Security, joined James Erasmus for a brief but fascinating conversation about the harsh realities of public cloud security.
Maxtec is the exclusive distributor for Orca Security in Southern Africa and has offered to guide anyone watching or listening to this episode of TechCentral’s Impact Series through a free-risk assessment and a free 30-day trial of the Orca platform.
With local support from Maxtec, the Orca platform connects to your environment in minutes and provides 100% visibility of all your assets. It detects and prioritises cloud risks across every layer of your cloud estate, including vulnerabilities, malware, misconfigurations, lateral movement risk, weak and leaked passwords, and overly permissive identities.
The adoption of public cloud is accelerating. The security postures, which are your responsibility, have been radically innovated, automated and no longer depend on agents. Consider your cloud investment and ask if you are properly protected.
* Impact Series episodes are sponsored by the party or parties concerned

TC|Daily | Q-KON’s Dawie de Wet on big changes sweeping the satellite industry

There has never been a more exciting time to be in the satellite communications industry, says Dawie de Wet, CEO of Pretoria-based Q-KON.
In this episode of TC|Daily, De Wet, who is one of South Africa’s leading experts in satellite communications technology, tells TechCentral editor Duncan McLeod about the huge changes happening in the satellite space and what they mean for consumers and for industry.
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In the interview, De Wet talks about:
* The origins of Q-KON;
* Why satellite is going through something of a renaissance, despite the proliferation of terrestrial and subsea fibre infrastructure;
* GEO (geostationary orbit) vs MEO (medium-earth orbit) vs LEO (low-earth orbit) satellites – what are they, and what are the latest developments in each?;
* How satellite technology has advanced in leaps and bounds in recent years;
* Why it might not be the mobile operators that drive a consumer revolution in satellite adoption, but why a revolution is coming anyway;
* Starlink, OneWeb, Lightspeed, O3b mPower, AST SpaceMobile and other projects – and is there overinvestment taking place?;
* How Africa’s needs are different to the rest of the world’s; and
* Q-KON’s role in all of this.
This is a fascinating discussion about an often overlooked area of the technology industry – don’t miss it.

Everything PC S02E03 - 'Linux, Linux (almost) everywhere'

This is the South African technology show all about personal computers. This season of Everything PC is sponsored by HP and Microsoft.
In episode 3 of season 2, hosts Duncan McLeod and Gerhard Pretorius have a look at the world of open-source software and Linux.
They discuss:
* The latest tech news
* Why Linux runs on everything - from toasters to the cloud - except the desktop
* OpenOffice and Libre Office
* Why Linux mail clients are so poor?
* How Microsoft learned to love Linux - or did it?
* Why Windows is becoming more like Linux, and could in fact become a hybrid * Windows/Linux over time
* Popular Linux distros
* Why PC makers don't make their own Linux distros
* Gaming on Linux
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