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It’s in your home everyday, during your morning drive to work, on the bus, even inside your pizza box. We sure do love advertising (sure, sometimes it makes us cringe), so hang out with Grant Sithole alongside some of the guys and girls behind the ads you love and sometimes loathe. We’ll chat, we’ll laugh, we’ll interrogate and because this is CliffCentral, it’ll be like no other ad show out there!
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Digital is Just a Medium: Kabelo Moshapalo

Digital is just a medium. So you still need to be great at it. Meadowlands is in the house!!! Kabelo Moshapalo, ECD at TBWA, is in the studio and we talk about it all. The resignation of Martin Sorrell, black kids in digital, access to ballet, all that. Also, we…
18 Apr 2018 53 min

Is it enough for ads to just have black people in them?

Your boi is rolling solo today! I unpack a few of the new ads out there and give mine and other people's opinions on them. But still respecting the fact that bad ads happen to good people all the time. I mean, come on!!
4 Apr 2018 25 min

Tjovitjo! SA's favourite Storytellers talk Storytelling

When you are the minds behind the most awarded production company at the 2018 SAFTAs, then you have to come and tell us how you do it. Vincent Moloi and Lodi Matsetela are in the stu and there are truth bombs and thought-provoking words everywhere. Your CD needs to hear…
28 Mar 2018 54 min

Are you still Underrating the Power of PR? Mbali Ndlovu

Mbali Ndlovu is in the stu with her entourage of PR dopeness (the rest of her squad even calls in at some point). We talk Listeriosis, The PR job for SA tourism during the water crisis, and she shoots some hard shots at convention and about having an all-black all-female…
7 Mar 2018 53 min

GRID has a new MD - The Masego Motsogi Show

The brand-newly appointed MD of GRID is in the stu and we pick her brain about everything. A phenomenal, passionate soul who shoots from the proverbial hip. ABOUT EVERYTHING! I mean, come on.
7 Feb 2018 53 min

The Grant Sithole Interview

Your emails and DMs have been heard! This show flips the script. Lerato Ngakane is in the studio and she interviews Grant Sithole. They cover everything from Avatar to Meadowlands to Entrepreneurship... and everything in between. I mean, come on!
24 Jan 2018 55 min

Advertising Creatives Influence other Industries

GreenPeace activist, filmmaker, writer and pretty much most things you can think of Lerato Ngakane is in the stu and it gets very lit very quickly. We get into all things advertising, while we find out about her journey through this game we love. I mean, come on!!
17 Jan 2018 52 min

Things Advertising Should Leave in 2017

Chocolate Milk and Cookies, a film production company with acclaimed director Raps Selogiloe at the helm, is in the stu and we get in there! We talk the H&M fiasco, 2018, and get into the things we really hope not to deal with in the new year. I mean, come…
10 Jan 2018 57 min

The Nathan Reddy Show

This icon of South Africa advertising, branding, design, communication and pretty much every aspect of the game is in the stu! We chat about the next life stage of his globally influential agency and find out where it all started for him. And naturally, we laugh a lot. I mean,…
6 Dec 2017 54 min

Should Storytellers be doing more to Change the World?

Kutlwano Ditsele (Kut The Filmmaker) is in the stu and we get into it for real. He walks us through his crazy journey from Mafikeng to LA to Bomb to Ayeye to Seriti films. We talk Libya, Miss Universe, The Black Queen and he tells us a story that involves…
29 Nov 2017 52 min

Is it Clients' or Agencies' Responsibility to Change Perceptions?

Hlami Sunshine Shibambo, Tumi Mohube, and Mandla Streetboss Mazibuko of Cheri Ya Se Kasi are in the stu and we go through it all. We talk representation in ads, relationships with agencies, and why you don't have to be an entrepreneur. I mean, come on.
15 Nov 2017 53 min

When Advertising & Doccie-making Collide

Lebogang Rasethaba of Arcade is in the studio and he drops some wisdom on the matter in a big way. We also discuss whether the ad game is misrepresenting itself out there. Oh but we laugh and get serious with the same vigour and dopeness. I mean, come on!!
8 Nov 2017 51 min

Are the Pendoring starting to feel more authentic than other shows?

It's the week after the Pendorings and Melusi Tshabalala and Kholiwe Sinuma are in the stu. We talk to some winners, get into the importance of Pendorings, and then Studio 214 talk to us about how they relaunched the Lesotho Broadcasting Company. I mean, come on!
1 Nov 2017 49 min

Is there such a thing as a black agency?

Zwelakhe Tshabangu is in the stu and no holds are barred for real. We get into some tough chats about the industry and why big brands are trusting the 'little guy'. We also laugh at advertising and its people. A lot. I mean, come on!!!
18 Oct 2017 50 min

The Fran Luckin Show

Oh we get real deep real quick in this episode. Fran Luckin is in the stu and we tackle some issues that shouldn't be issues in 2017. And we laugh. And she drops some gems that remind us why she is the writing powerhouse that she is. And we laugh…
11 Oct 2017 52 min

Leeroy Jason Spitting Fire & Knowledge

When photographer extraordinaire Leeroy Jason is in the house there are no holds barred. He speaks about how people screwed him over before, how car shoots are reserved for a special few and he even names names! I mean, come on!
4 Oct 2017 49 min

The Whirlwind Tour of Mosito Ramaili

When you've worked on and shaped some of SA's most influential brands and now you are about to go and take on NYC, you must have some stories and inspiration to share. Ntsako Mitenda is also in the stu talking his Soweto-based modelling agency and more dopeness. I mean, come…
27 Sep 2017 53 min

How much can you fit into an advertising 24hours?

Nandi Dlepu, Business Unit Director at Thackwell and Whittaker, Co-founder of The WKND SOCIAL, Facilitator of Bloom, Joho MOMS, FeelGood Series (and that's just the stuff that can fit on here) is in the studio and we get into everything from agency culture to creating a creative community we can…
20 Sep 2017 52 min

Culture vs Strategy with Uno De Waal

Founder of 10 and 5 and all round inspirational everything man, Uno is in the studio and he takes us through his journey as a young kid from Cape Town to one of the most influential curators of SA culture out there. We also shout out Jan van Riebeek. I…
6 Sep 2017 51 min
12 – 32