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Role of politics in foregin investments

Senior Researcher at the Centre for Africa Diplomacy and Leadership at the University of Johannesburg, Dr Oscar van Heerden adds there should be a stronger media campaign to signal to investors that a GNU is on the right track in solving problems
7 Jun 4AM 1 min

Finalisation of the GNU expected by Wednesday

University of Johannesburg, Centre for Africa diplomacy and leadership, Researcher Dr Oscar van Heerden says failure to finalise the GNU will mean that South Africans may have to vote again.
7 Jun 3AM 1 min

Tembisa voters believe their votes will bring change

South Africa held its seventh democratic elections on Wednesday, with scores of young voters exercising their right to vote for the first time. The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) says 42% of those who registered to vote in the national and provincial elections are between the ages of 18 and 39.
29 May 9AM 1 min

5 Lack of hosuing - 'We dont have privacy anymore'

Jennette Mabena is a widow who lives with her four children in one room at 12th Avenue. The eldest is 29 years old. She said although there has been some improvement since the advent of democracy, she would like to see her unemployed children also receive RDP houses.
17 May 4PM 1 min

4 Alex RDP beneficiary Victoria Smith

One of the elderly residents in Alexandra is Victoria Smith, she voted for the first time in the country’s first democratic elections. Smith said she has benefited from democracy with the awarding of an RDP home by the government. Smith said although others did not receive their RDP houses, she…
17 May 3PM 1 min

6 Alexandra Renewal Project - 'I am still on waiting list'

The Alexandra Renewal Project has been a political hot potato for years and has been used by opposition parties as an example of the ANC’s service delivery failures. The multi-billion-rand Presidential Urban Renewal Project was expected to deliver some one million houses to residents, but so far, the promises made…
17 May 2PM 1 min
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