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Business and market leaders' expert analysis and interviews with Independent Business Broadcaster Lindsay Williams.
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The 5 o’clock Shadow by Strictly Business

Up to the minute analysis of the action on the JSE Securities Exchange and international markets. A fascinating wrap of the JSE day with some of South Africa’s most prolific and respected commentators. All the major movers analysed, corporate results laid bare, and fascinating inside stories of who is doing…
11 Jul 1PM 1,055 episodes English Business · Business News

It's My Money by Strictly Business

Advice on efficient money management. Personal finance with the finest experts in the field of efficiently managing the money that we’ve worked so hard to accumulate. Unmissable advice.
10 Jul 255 episodes English Business · Investing

The Asset Class by Strictly Business

A regular feature populated by our finest fund managers, who explain their positioning in the markets, their current asset allocation and their views on future market behaviour. Essential listening for serious, long term investors.
10 Jul 366 episodes English Business · Investing

Shapiroworld by Strictly Business

Every Monday South Africa’s favourite stockbroker, David Shapiro from Sasfin Securities guides us through the market maelstrom in his own uniquely accessible manner. David is probably the most experienced financial services professional in the country, having cut his teeth on the floor of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange on Diagonal Street…
8 Jul 129 episodes English Business · Business News

The Experts by Strictly Business

A brand new channel... Combining our most popular podcast shows into one easy listening channel with greater access to all The Experts. Hosting the best of business and market leaders' interviews and analysis.
10 Oct 2023 12PM 283 episodes English Business · Business

Strictly Business Podcast

Business and Market News presented daily and up-to-the-minute by Lindsay Williams Follow Lindsay on Twitter @LindsayBiz and don't forget to subscribe
20 Jun 2023 50 episodes English Business News · Investing

The Opening by Strictly Business

Up to the minute analysis of the action on the JSE Securities Exchange and international markets. On busy days our resident stockbrokers will set the scene for the JSE day ahead just after the opening of the exchange. Whether it be because of a big night on Wall St or…
22 May 2023 7AM 890 episodes English Business · Business News

The Economy by Strictly Business

An in-depth look at just-released economic data from South Africa and the world, with an array of top economists
22 Feb 2023 9AM 325 episodes English Business · Business News

Technically Speaking by Strictly Business

The controversial use of technical analysis in investment decision making has grown into the mainstream and is, if treated with respect, an incredibly valuable tool. We speak to independent technical analyst Frans de Klerk from his market laboratory in the Great Karoo Desert.
13 Feb 2023 12 episodes English Business · Business News

Results by Strictly Business

Immediate analysis of interim and full year corporate results from our top companies. We speak to the CEOs and financial directors and also canvass the views of asset managers. Results determine the movement of a company’s share price in the long term, so this a vital resource when constructing a…
3 Sep 2021 5AM 31 episodes English Business · Business News

What's News? by Strictly Business

One of my favourite features allows us to speak to anyone, about anything, at any time. We won’t be sticking to the world of finance and markets but will have in-depth discussions on a variety of subjects, as long as they are pertinent, informative, fun and enlightening. Politics, sport, food,…
8 Aug 2020 32 episodes English Business · Business News

Listen with Liston by Strictly Business

Liston Meintjes is an enigma, and arguably the hardest working portfolio manager in the country. His depth of knowledge and attention to detail is unparalleled on a wide variety of market and economic subjects, both locally and overseas. This feature also incorporates Liston’s weekly graphs which we use as an…
3 Jul 2020 23 episodes English Business · Business News

The Weekly Wrap by Strictly Business

A Friday favourite. We look back at the week that has almost completed with money managers, giving us useful perspective on a world that during 2018 became more and more volatile and unpredictable.
7 Aug 2020 41 episodes English Business · Business News

The Prudential Investment Managers Channel

Prudential proudly manages over R200 billion of their clients savings, making them one of South Africa’s top 10 largest investment managers. Join these experts as we host regular features from our lead sponsor.
13 Feb 2020 2 episodes English Business

Sharenet's history stretches back to 1988 when the company was founded to fill a gap in the South African financial marketplace - namely, to provide real-time JSE share prices to the public on a subscription basis. In the decades that followed Sharenet invested heavily in its technology infrastructure, motivated by…
27 Mar 2019 10AM 2 episodes English Business · Business News

The Soapbox

Listeners' views and opinions
0 episodes English Business · Business News