2. Emma and Richard

Emma Freud and Richard Coles met at the beginning of their TV careers - he was a pop star, she was interviewing people in a double bed and both were new to the job. They just clicked. In the first of a new Friendship File series, they reveal a secret fake wedding ceremony, offering an illustrious classical composer class A drugs and why it’s better to be pretty than clever. And, as you'll hear, even after 35 years they can still surprise each other.
11 Feb 2021 English United Kingdom Relationships · Documentary

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7. Glenys and Raafat

Six years ago, a young man climbed off a tiny boat onto a Greek beach. He was clutching his shoes and could only say one thing to the woman holding out her arms to him: "Are we safe now?" It was the start of something no one could have predicted.
25 Mar 2021 24 min

6. Tony and Rohan

On the steps of a politics tutorial there was an accusation. "You don't know anything about me." That changed. There was a roast chicken involved. More than one. This is the story of thirty years of mutual support ... and insults!
18 Mar 2021 27 min

5. The top 5 things friends say ...

Five key things come up again and again as our friends talk about each other and their relationships. Five things that could make a difference to our own friendships. In this short mid-season special, find out what the friends are trying to tell us.
11 Mar 2021 8 min

4. Elna and Tina

"I am the reason she always carries snacks in her handbag." "She is like a dance I know all the moves to." Two young women guiding each other through life, creating a strong, honest, playful relationship as they do it.
4 Mar 2021 22 min

4. Catherine and Louise

Catherine Carr and Louise Halling met as students and bonded over dodgy sign language. They have been talking ever since. Find out how they've helped create - literally and figuratively - each other's life story.
24 Feb 2021 25 min