Don't ignore cloud backup: Keepit CEO Frederik Schouboe explains why [promoted]

As companies move IT from on-premises environments into the cloud, many assume it is sufficient to allow their cloud vendor to manage their backups for them.
This is absolutely not the case, according to Keepit co-founder and CEO Frederik Schouboe, who explains in this episode of the TechCentral podcast why it's crucial that companies ensure they have a proper backup plan in place for their software-as-a-service (SaaS) and other cloud-based tools.
Keepit, which is represented in South Africa by Cactus Backup, recently announced a large series-A investment round from One Peak. In the podcast, Schouboe talks about the investment and what Keepit intends to use it for.
The podcast then turns to Keepit's offerings and how SaaS backup differs from the sort of backups companies used to run when their IT infrastructure was on-premises. Keepit has its own data centres, separate from the hyperscale providers such as Microsoft and Amazon Web Services -- Schouboe explains in the podcast why this is important and delves into the regulatory implications in choosing a cloud backup provider.
He also takes podcast listeners through his views on the South African market and its growth potential as well as Keepit's partnership with Cactus Backup.
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