Your company is sitting on a data gold mine: Microsoft's JK Kanis

Businesses are sitting on a gold mine in the vast quantities of data in their organisations, yet most are not yet taking full advantage of the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning and cloud technologies to turn these data repositories into real value.
In this episode of the podcast, TechCentral interviews Microsoft South Africa Enterprise and Cloud Business Group lead Johannes "JK" Kanis on how modern technologies can help companies use their data to gain real business insights.
In the podcast, Kanis talks about the potential upside for businesses that can get this right - how they can take advantage of modern AI tools to get to grips with their data and start to turn it into something of significant value.
Kanis explains how Micosoft's Azure Synapse Analytics offering, which recently became "generally available", can help companies tame their data sets and why he believes the media, telecommunications and insurance industries in South Africa are doing better than others in this area.
Also in the podcast, Kanis talks about whether a focus on advanced technology is enough, or whether a cultural change is also needed if companies are going to take full advatntage of AI, ML and cloud. Plus, how does Microsoft South Africa help local companies wanting to take full advantage of the data they own? And how does the Open Data Initiative, founded by Microsoft, SAP and Adobe, help?
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