Stock Watch - Stock picks — Autonation and Philip Morris

David Shapiro from Sasfin Securities chose Autonation as his stock pick of the day and Wayne McCurrie from FNB Wealth & Investments chose Philip Morris.

Shaprio said: "I'm going for a company called Autonation. They sell motor cars in the US but they've got distributorships both in new and used. Their results were out today which were really incredible and it's mainly because people in the US are buying second-hand cars as they are preferring to own cars rather than to use public transport."

McCurrie said: "I'm going to go to Philip Morris, they came out with their results which were fairly good and their heat-not-burn products are growing phenomenally. You're buying it on a forward price earnings ratio that's at 12% or 13% and you're going to get a very high dividend yield."