The 'hijacking' of the #FeesMustFall movement: Fasiha Hassan's story

“Let me tell you about the story of my life. My mother was a kitchen girl, my father was a garden boy, that’s why I am a freedom fighter.”

These are the words to 'Nobody Wants To See Us Together', the SA struggle song that became synonymous with the #FeesMustFall movement.

The movement's message echoed throughout SA university campuses, spilling into the country's communities. This particular song was considered special and iconic because it encapsulated the new struggle experienced by SA youth.

Today, on the five-year anniversary of the memorable movement, we will consider the motives behind the movement and how it came to be "hijacked" by politically nefarious entities.

Activist Fasiha Hassan, one of those who ushered in the movement in late 2015, shares her memories of the movement with us.