South African digital bank Bettr nears launch: An interview with the founders

South Africa will soon have a new "digital bank" in the form of Bettr, a fintech start-up that has been working on building a "new challenger" in the country's finance sector that promises to offer a "better alternative".
In this episode of the podcast, TechCentral's Duncan McLeod interviews Bettr co-founders Tobie van Zyl (CEO) and Andrzej Stempowski (chief technology officer) to find out more about their plans, how the idea to build the bank came about, why it's specifically targeting the youth (millennials and Generation Z) and how hyperscale cloud service providers have made launching a bank in 2020 to challenge the big incumbents much easier than in the past (Bettr is using Amazon Web Services).
Van Zyl and Stempowski explain what it is that Bettr will and won't offer, what consumers can expect and how the company plans to drive better financial decision making.
The bank will offer not only accounts tailored for individuals, but also for small and medium enterprises as it is hoping to attract entrepreneurially minded people and then grow with them as their needs adapt.
It's a fascinating discussion about a sector ripe for disruption and a company that hopes to do the disrupting. Don't miss the podcast!