Stock Watch - Stock picks — BAT and Nike

Wayne McCurrie from FNB Wealth & Investments chose British American Tobacco as his stock pick of the day and David Shapiro from Sasfin Securities chose Nike.

McCurrie said: "I'm going back to a perennial favourite and that is British American Tobacco. It's a 6% dividend yield, it's in a single digit price earnings ratio and the price hasn't really recovered dramatically since the big fall-off that we saw, this has generated serious cash flows."

Shapiro said: "I was looking through Nike's numbers and they are absolutely outstanding. They are back in profit and the reason that I bring it up is just that I wish our apparel retailers could actually look at the Nike model. Admittedly Nike is a brand that's selling through its own stores but it's focusing on stay-at-home people who are buying casual apparel and casual wear."