4Sight Holdings' Willie Ackerman on Covid as digital accelerant [promoted]

In this episode of the podcast, Willie Ackerman, chief sales and marketing officer at JSE-listed 4Sight Holdings, talks about how the Covid-19 lockdown has dramatically accelerated digital transformation.
Ackerman believes the world is already moving on from so-called "fourth Industrial Revolution" technologies to what he calls Enterprise 5.0. What is this, and why will it mean for businesses and the world of work?

He talks about the key areas he believes organisations need to get right to position themselves for success in a rapidly changing environment. And what questions should companies be asking before they rush headlong into overhauling their businesses for the future.
How should boards and company executives be thinking about digital transformation, and what conversations is 4Sight having with its clients?
Ackerman answers these questions and more in the podcast.