#1  S01.E01 - South Africa's dark past and present with judge Edwin Cameron

In this very first episode, we start our journey in South Africa. We interview the well renowned South African lawyer and retired judge from South Africa’s Constitutional Court, Judge Edwin Cameron, who is in conversation with Nangamso Kwinana of the Africa Liberal Network.
Judge Cameron gives us deep insights into South Africa's dark past and discusses the current human rights problems. Listen to his fascinating personal journey in the judiciary and his perspective of the country’s history.
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SABCNews - African governments urged to uphold human rights
ENCA - Equatorial Guinea holds worst human rights record in Africa
SABCNews - Zimbabwe government denies violating human rights
ENCA - Uganda's anti-gay laws raise questions about human rights in Africa
SABCNews - Human Rights must guide response to COVID -19
ENCA - #Africa | Africa human rights day
ENCA - Journalists allegedly tortured | Zimbabwe on the edge
A Home for Justice – touring South Africa’s Constitutional Court with Albie Sachs
Season 1 / Episode 1 21 Sep 2020 English South Africa Politics · Government

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