Stock Watch - Stock picks — GlaxoSmithKline and Apple

Graeme Körner from Körner Perspective chose GlaxoSmithKline as his stock pick of the day and Mia Kruger from Kruger Internationals chose Apple.

Körner said: "I'm going for GlaxoSmithKline. I think it's an amazing OTC portfolio and are very strong in vaccines. It also has a good pharma portfolio and I think it's a well-run business. Emma Walmsley who is the CEO has also said that her intention is over the next couple of years is to split the business into two and I think you could see a value unlock there"

Kruger said: "I'm going to specifically focus on Apple. It's been one of the strongest performers up to date in the US market, has a very strong business and I don't think it's necessary for any person who's a long-term investor to sell a company like apple just because they think the price is high."