Interview: Introducing Dimension Data’s Smart Virtual Workplace [promoted]

When the hard Covid-19 lockdown was introduced in South Africa on 27 March, many companies were forced to scramble to find ways to shift their workforces from their offices to employees’ homes.
Some did better than others; some are still struggling to find the right balance and to support their employees during this unprecedented time.
It was a shift that had a big impact on productivity – both positive and negative – and one that left many companies unsure about everything from connecting their newly remote workforce to ensuring the company’s systems were secured.
In this episode of the podcast, Dimension Data’s chief go-to-market officer, Setumo Mohapi, and the company’s intelligent infrastructure executive, Kyle Stanton, discuss the company’s Smart Virtual Workplace solution that aims to make it easier to adjust to the new reality.
The Smart Virtual Workplace solution is designed to meet end-user requirements and expectations – for both customers and employees. It is secure by design, monitored and delivered at scale. It offers solutions such as Smart Connectivity, Secure Smart Access, Secure Remote Productivity, Advanced Collaboration and Secure Remote Desktop Access.
Mohapi begins the discussion by talking about the big changes that have taken place at Dimension Data this year, including a major restructuring designed to simply the group’s structure and make it more efficient and simpler for customers to get the support they need from the group.
He then discusses the impact of the lockdown on the way companies approach IT and answers whether there has been a fundamental and permanent shift, especially when it comes to conversations around digital transformation and digital readiness?
Stanton then provides an overview of the Smart Virtual Workplace solution and what it offers companies and their employees. He also talks about what the distributed workplace of the future might look like and why. And what does this mean for productivity in ... ctd ...