Trend Micro's Mannie Tzingakis on IT security in a pandemic [promoted]

In this episode of the podcast, TechCentral is joined by Mannie Tzingakis, technical lead for sub-Saharan Africa at Trend Micro, for a discussion on the trends in the Internet security space, especially since the advent of Covid-19.
Tzingakis talks about the biggest security problems associated with the work-from-home measures introduced during the lockdown and what both end users and companies need to do to secure themselves from malicious actors.
How do companies ensure their employees are more security conscious -- do they take a heavy-handed approach or is a softly-softly approach the better option?
Tzingakis explains what Trend Micro, which is a leader in cloud security solutions through its Cloud One offering, is doing in the cloud space and how this differs from the traditional security solutions companies have deployed.
Lastly, Trend Micro recently commissioned research, called Head in the Clouds, which identified four personas of people in organisations and their approach to security: fearful, conscientious, ignorant and daredevil. Tzingakis talks about the research findings and explains which of the personas is most dangerous to the business from a security perspective -- the answer may surprise you.