Stock Watch - Stock picks — Shoprite and iShares MSCI Global Silver

Nick Kunze from Sanlam Private Wealth chose Shoprite as his stock pick of the day and Alex Duys from Umthombo Wealth chose iShares MSCI Global Silver.

Kunze said: "My stock pick is Shoprite, it's not a cop-out, I actually thought it was a really good trading update. I think it is a nice beneficiary in this lock down. It was very surprising to the upside so at R115 a share when it was once trading north of R200, you can certainly take a look at it in current levels."

Duys said: "I'm actually going to nominate the global silver and metal miners ETF or the ticker is SLVP, so this is an ETF that invests predominantly in companies that mines in silver, obviously there's a higher beta or gearing if the actual silver price does rise. So for the investor that does believe that silver can go higher, this is an option to consider."