IoT.nxt executives on tackling the skills crisis [promoted]

Skills in the IT industry are in short supply and have been for decades. But the skills shortage in the Internet of things (IoT) arena is even more acute.
In the fourth and final in a series of interviews with IoT.nxt, TechCentral is joined by the company's chief digital officer, Francois Volschenk, and its head of business development and operations, Terje Moen, to discuss the challenge.
In the podcast, Volschenk and Moen talk about:
* How the skills shortage is affecting IoT.nxt;
* What the company is doing to address the problem, including the creation of an academy to drive skills development around IoT;
* How the academy will work in practice;
* The company's relationship with the University of the Free State and the Belgium Campus ITversity in Pretoria; and
* The work that IoT.nxt is doing in ensuring upliftment of people through skills development programmes.
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