Pinnacle's Fred Saayman on Huawei and disruption [promoted]

Fred Saayman, head of the Huawei business unit at Pinnacle, returns to the podcast for a discussion on the impact of US sanctions on the Chinese ICT giant's business, especially in the South African context.
In the podcast, Saayman explains that Huawei has made good progress dealing with the challenges that have been thrown at it in the past year, including developing its own chipsets and other technologies across its wide range of products to lessen its reliance on other suppliers.
"I would never have believed an organisation could actually change and transform, research, develop and innovate in such a short period of time - it's impressive," he said.
"With the speed and agility of its supply chain, Huawei has been able to address all of its customer orders. They remain bullish on 5G base stations. They have made plans and they are now a lot more self-sufficient."
Saayman talks about what the South African business community thinks about Huawei and the US sanctions. "They are still optimistic... South African customers, whether it's the financial industry or mining or the public sector, they are still very favourable towards Huawei."
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