Dell's Chris Buchanan on the dynamics of the new workforce [promoted]

In this episode of the podcast, TechCentral is joined by Dell Technologies South Africa client solutions director Chris Buchanan for a discussion on how Covid-19 has brought about dramatic changes in the workforce.
The pandemic has been called a Black Swan event, something that only comes around once in a generation. It has certainly impacted the way people work significantly and probably made digital transformation a top priority for many companies, even those that were previously sitting on the sidelines.
Will Covid-19 change the way we do things fundamentally and forever, or once the pandemic is over will we go back to business as usual?
Buchanan gives his take on these issues and also expands on the impact that the lockdown has had on demand for computers and other technology products, and what the outlook is as companies increasingly look to equip their employees for remote work.
The workforce, he says, was changing anyway, before the pandemic hit, especially as millennials, who have a different outlook to previous generations, begin to enter the world of work.
Lastly, the conversation turns to the subject of electronic waste and the work that Dell is doing to reduce its impact on the planet.
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