Eaton's Jaco du Plooy on the role of UPSes during load shedding and Covid-19 [promoted]

In this promoted episode of the podcast, TechCentral speaks to Eaton product manager for Africa Jaco du Plooy about the role UPS solutions can play in load shedding and in saving lives during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Du Plooy takes viewers and listeners through the range of UPS solutions that Eaton offers, from options for powering individuals' homes, all the way up to industrial-scale solutions for data centres.
With many people still working from home - and work-from-home rules likely to persist for some time to come - Du Plooy talks about the challenges and options available for ensuring people can continue to be productive once Eskom load shedding inevitably returns.
He also explains why total cost of ownership when buying UPS equipment is important and why buyers should avoid simply looking at the sticker price.
Lastly, Du Plooy talks about Eaton's go-to-market strategy through Pinnacle's Datanet division.
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