Mike Sharman on launching MatchKit.co with Bryan Habana

Mike Sharman, founder of digital marketing agency Retroviral, joins TechCentral editor Duncan McLeod for a chat about MatchKit.io, a new website builder aimed at sports professionals.
Founded by Sharman, Springbok rugby player Bryan Habana, and sports content creator and broadcaster Ben Karpinski, Retroactive - which owns MatchKit.co - intends to help professional sportsmen and sportswomen worldwide develop a digital presence for themselves.
In the podcast, Sharman explains that while most sports people have a presence on social media, they often don't have their own website.
The idea behind the website is to make it easier for sports professionals to develop an online presence, raise money for their chosen charities and make money from selling merchandise.
In the podcast, Sharman explains how the business model works, how he and Habana came up with the idea for the platform, and where they see it going next.
Sharman also looks back at 10 years of Retroviral and some of the big campaigns the agency has worked on in that time, including with Nando's and RocoMamas.
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