Nico Steyn on IoT.nxt’s growth plans, a year after the Vodacom acquisition

Promoted | Nico Steyn, co-founder and CEO of IoT.nxt, joins TechCentral for a discussion on how the company has grown a year on from Vodacom Group’s blockbuster acquisition of a 51% stake in the business.
In the podcast, Steyn talks about how the company is working with Vodacom – and the broader Vodafone Group – to expand its offerings in South Africa and around the world.
IoT.nxt, which offers a “technology agnostic” solution that acts as a conduit between sensors and other Internet of things devices at the edge of the network and the application layer in companies’ IT departments, has grown rapidly since its founding five years ago.
Initially funded by private equity group Talent10, Steyn explains how the Vodacom acquisition came about and what it has meant for IoT.nxt.
Also in the podcast, Steyn explains why Covid-19 is likely to prove beneficial for the company in the long term as the world looks to automate, and he talks about the work that IoT.nxt is doing to develop skills in the IoT space.
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