Interview: Sébastien Stormacq on AWS's Cape Town data centres

Promoted | Continuing the discussion of last week with iOCO executive head of cloud Richard Vester, TechCentral is joined by Amazon Web Services principal developer advocate Sébastien Stormacq to explore the brave new world of hyperscale computing.
In this episode, Stormacq is joined by Vester to discuss the impact of AWS opening a data centre region in South Africa and why local enterprises and other cloud users are increasingly looking to make use of local hyperscalers.
Stormacq explains the advantages that the Cape Town AWS region brings to local enterprises, including lower latency, data sovereignty and advanced services, and why these are important.
The discussion then turns to's long history in South Africa - the company's Elastic Compute Cloud, or EC2, on which AWS was partly built, was largely developed in Cape Town. Stormacq talks about the work that the South African team continues to do in developing technologies for AWS.
Other topics in the discussion include:
* What South African companies and developers are able to do with the local data centre region;
* Why it's good for automation and DevOps;
* The role of managed service providers like iOCO in working with enterprise customers looking to explore cloud opportunities.
Vester then talks about the impact on iOCO of the opening of the new AWS region; why the company has invested so heavily in AWS solutions rather than other hyperscalers; and why enterprises should work through a managed service provider rather than going direct.
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