Interview: Leon Louw of the Free Market Foundation

Free Market Foundation executive director Leon Louw joins Duncan McLeod on the podcast for a discussion on the Covid-19 lockdown -- and why Louw thinks it's a dreadful mistake.
He explains why he believes the impact of the lockdown on people's livelihoods -- and the resultant poverty and death -- could end up being far worse than the Covid-19 pandemic itself.
Louw gives his views on the way government has managed the lockdown -- not well, he says -- and whether the crisis will eventually have positive implications for South Africa's policy direction. In short, he provides his take on whether South Africa is in for more socialism or greater free-market reforms when the pandemic is over.
The conversation then turns to the telecommunications sector, which Louw describes as one of the biggest success stories of South Africa's post-1994 democracy, but which, he says, is now threatened by government meddling and overzealous regulatory intervention by the Competition Commission.
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