Stock Watch - Stock picks — Long4Life and cash

Alex Duys from Umthombo Wealth chose Long4Life as his stock pick of the day and Independent Analyst Chris Gilmour chose cash.

Duys said: "Long4Life is my stock pick, they had a presentation recently and I'm going to roughly reference Brian Joffe here, we've all been dealt that no one likes and so either you either going to reject these car​ds and fold or you're going to raise your new cards into opportunities and I think that Brian Joffe really is the right man for that. He's certainly looking for opportunities during this crisis period and if you have to back a certain particular individual in this marker you should certainly back him and at these levels Long4Life is looking very attractive."

Gilmour said: "I still believe that what we're looking at a rally in a bear market. It might not technically be a bear market anymore, more offshore than South Africa but I think so much is now predicated on finding a vaccine and finding a vaccine very very quickly. I think unfortunately some people are going to be very disappointed because of the length of time that's probably going to take so therefore I take the view that we're probably going to see another big downturn in the market in the not-too-distant future and therefore I would just keep my powder dry for the time being."