EP26 / Interview: 'Artists in Isolation' with Sandile Radebe

In this episode, I chat with Sandile Radebe about his artistic practice. This is the 4th episode in a series on Unframed called "Artists in Isolation” which profiles South African artists during the lockdown period of the COVID19 pandemic. We are living through unprecedented times, where we are needing to find new ways of connecting with each other and the broader art industry, of being inspired, and of creating more platforms for artists.

Sandile is a Johannesburg-based artist whose main area of interest is art practice in both public and private spaces. He explores these spaces through simulating a new reading of graffiti and, more broadly, the way language works to help construct our realities. Sandile visualised graffiti in abstract sculptural forms and creates installations with these forms to create labyrinthine structures akin to walking in the city.