Mike Stopforth on building and selling Cerebra - and what comes next

Mike Stopforth joins TechCentral's Duncan McLeod for a discussion on what the Cerebra founder and former CEO has planned next.
Stopforth looks back at the founding of Cerebra - including how he "got lucky" with the explosive growth of social media platforms, which the company helped many South African enterprises navigate.
He takes us through Cerebra's growth years, including the merger with Craig Rodney's Emerging Media and the eventual sale to global advertising giant WPP. What lessons did he learn along the way, and what advice would he give to other entrepreneurs and start-up businesses going through an exit?
The discussion then pivots to what Stopforth is doing now - consulting to companies on digital transformation. What are companies doing right and wrong when approaching these sort of projects, and is "digital transformation" just meaningless jargon?
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