Interview: SUSE's Grant Bennett how SA enterprises are embracing the cloud

In this promoted episode of the podcast, TechCentral is joined by SUSE country manager Grant Bennett for a discussion on cloud computing in South African enterprises.
The discussion follows a recent TechCentral and SUSE-sponsored roundtable event, where corporate IT leaders spoke about the issues around cloud that are exercising their minds.
In the podcast, Bennett explains where South African companies are in their cloud journeys relative to other countries and which industries are furthest along.
He talks about the primary drivers of conversations about the cloud in South African enterprises as well as what's holding companies from moving faster in their cloud strategies.
Is public cloud for everyone, or is there good reason in some cases to continue with an on-premise approach?
Who is driving the shift to cloud - it's not always the CIO - and what should companies bear in mind before embarking on the journey? Is it all about cost reduction, or are there other major factors at play?
Bennett discusses all of these questions, and more, including the sort of service-level agreements companies should be seeking with their cloud providers and the impact on IT skills.